All “Reserved” Chapters have been Relocated or Repealed in their Entirety


Chapter 1.       Legislative Procedures

Chapter 2.       Administrative Procedures Act

Chapter 3.       Tribal Government Budget Formulation and Modification Process

Chapter 4.       Reserved

Chapter 5.       Reserved

Chapter 6.       Reserved

Chapter 7.       Lewis and Doris Adams’ Tribal Holiday

Chapter 8.       Tribal Sovereignty Day

Chapter 9.       Reserved

Chapter 10.     Open Meetings

Chapter 11.     Reserved

Chapter 12.     Reserved

Chapter 13.     Tribal Treasurer Responsibility

Chapter 14.     Reserved

Chapter 15.    Reserved

Chapter 16.     Reserved

Chapter 17.     Reserved

Chapter 18.     Reserved

Chapter 19.     Public Documents

Chapter 20.     Application of Foreign Law

Chapter 21.     The Tribal Emblem and Seal of the Waganakising Odawak Nation

Chapter 22.     Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments

Chapter 23.     Membership in MAST, NIGA and NCAI (See Chapter 37 of this Title)

Chapter 24.     Tribal Notary Public

Chapter 25.     Reserved

Chapter 26.     Reserved

Chapter 27.     Reserved

Chapter 28.     Reserved

Chapter 29.     Asset Disposition

Chapter 30.     Reserved

Chapter 31.     Reserved

Chapter 32.     Reserved

Chapter 33.     Tribal Prosecutor

Chapter 34.     Reserved

Chapter 35.     Reserved

Chapter 36.     Repeal of LTBB Waganakising Representative to Michigan Anishnabeg Cultural Preservation and Repatriation Alliance (MACPRA) and Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)

Chapter 37.     Tribal Chair Ambassadorial Capacity and Tribal Representatives

Chapter 38.     Reserved

Chapter 39.     Reserved

Chapter 40.     Reserved

Chapter 41.     Office of Citizens Legal Assistance (Relocated to Title XV)

Chapter 42.     Reserved

Chapter 43.     Reserved

Chapter 44.     Tribal Secretary Responsibilities

Chapter 45.     Succession Plan for Officers of Tribal Council

Chapter 46.     Reserved

Chapter 47.     Reserved

Chapter 48.     Contracting

Chapter 49.     Reserved

Chapter 50.     Reserved

Chapter 51.     Use of Legal for Purposes of Separation of Power Questions

Chapter 52.     Contracts

Chapter 53.     Reserved

Chapter 54.     Reserved

Chapter 55.     Reserved

Chapter 56.     Recall of an Official and Leave of Absence

Chapter 57.     Reserved

Chapter 58.     Reserved

Chapter 59.     Reserved

Chapter 60.     Reserved

Chapter 61.     Reserved

Chapter 62.     Reserved

Chapter 63.     Reserved

Chapter 64.     Tribal Website Statute


Chapter 1.       Executive Commissions, Boards and Committees

Chapter 2.       Removal of Commissioners

Chapter 3.       Service of Commissioners

Chapter 4.       Odawa Property Managers (Repealed)

Chapter 5.       Gijigowi Bibskaabiimi Department (Repealed)

Chapter 6.       Enjinaaknegeng – Legal

Chapter 7.       Eshkiniigijik-Tribal Youth Services

Chapter 8.       Office of Legislative Attorney (Repealed and Replaced)

Chapter 9.       Land and Reservation

Chapter 10.     Office of Finance and Revenue

Chapter 11.     Liquor and Tobacco Licensing Board Statute

Chapter 12.     Health Department

Chapter 13.     Repeal of Waganakising Odawak Statute 2010-007 Legal and Legislative Committee

Chapter 14.     Accounting Department

Chapter 15.     Department of Repatriation, Archives and Records

Chapter 16.     Education Department

Chapter 17.     Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department

Chapter 18.     Office of Citizens Legal Assistance (Repealed and Replaced)

Chapter 19.     Office of Executive Services Attorney

Chapter 20.     Department of Human Services

Chapter 21.     Tribal Historic Preservation Office Statute

Chapter 22.     Department of Kikaajik – Elders

Chapter 23.     Elders Commission

Chapter 24.     Tribal Government Human Resources Department

Chapter 25.     Environmental Appeals Board

Chapter 26.     Burial Program

Chapter 27.     Health, Food and Housing Program Statute

Chapter 28.     Reserved

Chapter 29.     Department of Public Works Statute

Chapter 30.     Authorization of the Marijuana Program Statute

Chapter 31.     Energy Improvement Program Statute