Public Documents Request

Waganakising Odawa Tribal Citizens have the right to review public documents in accordance with WOS 2010-009. With the exception of exempted documents as outlined in the Public Documents Statute, citizens may review and when appropriate, receive copies of public documents. To file a public document request, tribal citizens must submit a completed Public Document Request Form along with a copy of their Tribal identification card.


All requests must be specific in nature as to what documents are being requested for review. Requests for documents that do not exist and must be created at the time of the request will be denied.


Documents that contain specific personal information affecting an individual’s privacy are exempt from disclosure. This exemption would include employment personnel files, social security numbers, medical records and similar records that constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of an individual’s privacy.


Please note that some documentation will require legal review before release which may cause a delay in the citizen reviewing the material. For more information on the request process, please contact the corresponding branch.


If you do not find what you are looking for on the Tribal Website, please contact the appropriate Public Documents Officer as designated by the respective branch of government:

  • Executive: 231-242-1401
  • Legislative: 231-242-1407 – Includes Casino and Corporate Charters
  • Judicial Branch: 231-242-1462
  • Prosecutor: 231-242-1475
  • Election Board: