Rachael Koepp, WIOA Employment and Training Specialist
(231) 242-1488



Employment and Training Services


The Niigaandiwin Education Department receives Department of Labor funding through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) section 166, which funds supportive services to eligible Natives in need of assistance with barriers to employment in the 28-county program service area.


Types of Services
Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Job Search & Placement Assistance
  • Job Career Assessment
  • Career/Individual Employment Plan
  • Referrals to services;
  • Transportation assistance;
  • Child care and dependent care;
  • Work, training, and entrepreneurial start-up related expenses, including uniforms, tools, licensing fees, certification fees and educational testing fees;
  • Emergency assistance, including assistance with utility bills and housing;
  • Needs-related payments.


WIOA clients must demonstrate eligibility before receiving supportive services. Eligibility must be documented thoroughly, including their status as a Native person (American Indian or Alaskan Native from a federally recognized tribe or village, Native Hawaiian, State recognized tribal member, Burt Lake Band Member, or First Generation Descendant (1/8 Blood Quantum) of Little Traverse Bay Band), their employment status, and their wages. Clients must demonstrate that total family income for a six-month period falls at or below 70% of the LLSIL for their household size. The wages of household members must also be documented. If there are household members over the age of 18 that have not income, they must sign a zero income certification form.


Native status documentation accepted:

  1. tribal enrollment cards,
  2. a state ID or driver’s license,
  3. parent’s tribal enrollment card and copy of client birth certificate indicating decendency from enrolled tribal member (these two are used only if the client is a 1st generation descendent)


Employment status and wage documentation accepted:

  1. a signed lay-off notice,
  2. a signed employment contract
  3. proof of wages from the past three months (pay stubs, bank statements, or YTD payroll document),
  4. letter stating eligibility for unemployment insurance
  5. letter of eligibility for WIC
  6. letter of eligibility for Food stamps
  7. letter of eligibility for VA benefits
  8. letter of eligibility for social security
  9. letter of eligibility for disability
  10. signed self-certification attestation documenting employment status and/or income when employment and wage documentation is inaccurate or incomplete.


For more information, including services for tribal citizens in need of training outside of the 28 county service area, please contact the Education Department at 231-242-1480.