Annette VanDeCar  07/27/19 – 07/27/23
Tribal Council 07/27/19 Minutes:
Motion made by Councilor McNamara and supported by Secretary Kiogima to acknowledge receipt of the Executive nomination and appoint Annette VanDeCar to the Traditional Tribal Burial Board Inc., for a 4-year term ending July 27, 2023.
Vote: 9 – Yes, 0 – No, 0 – Abstained, 0 – Absent
Motion carried.

Ken Gill  01/23/20 – 01/23/24
Tribal Council 01/23/20 Minutes:
Motion made by Councilor Tamara Kiogima and supported by Treasurer Marcella Reyes   to appoint Ken Gill to the Traditional Tribal Burial, Inc. for a 4-yr term ending January 23, 2024.
Vote:   8-yes,   0-no,   0-abstain,   1-absent (Councilor Melissa Pamp)
Motion carried.

Melissa Wiatrolik 07/09/2023-05/25/27
Tribal Council 05/23/23 Minutes
Motion made by Councilor Fred Kiogima and supported by Councilor Melissa Pamp to re-appoint Melissa Wiatrolik to Tribal Burial Board, Inc. for a 4-year term ending 5/25/2027.
Vote: 8 – Yes, 0 – No, 0 – Abstain, 1 – Absent (Legislative Leader Emily Proctor)
Motion carries.

Kevin Willis  09/21/21 – 09/21/25
Tribal Council 01/19/21 Minutes:
Motion made by Treasurer Leroy Shomin and supported by Councilor Fred Kiogima to appoint Kevin Willis to the Tribal Burial Board, Inc., Corporate Charter for a 4-year term September 21, 2021 – September 21, 2025.
Vote: 8-yes, 0-no, 0-abstained, 1-absent (Councilor Marty Van De Car)
Motion carries.


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