Child Welfare

The Tribe’s children are its most important assets; therefore ensuring a healthy and safe environment for our children is necessary for the future of the Tribe. This responsibility is shared by the Tribe’s Social Services Program, the Tribal Prosecutor’s Office and the Tribal Court.


LTBB Tribal Prosecutor’s Office works together with the Tribe’s Social Services Program to protect the Tribe’s children and enforce the Tribe’s child protection laws. LTBB Tribal Prosecutor’s Office is responsible for filing child protection petitions in Tribal Court and intervening in child protection proceedings in state courts. The Tribe’s Social Services Program investigates child protection matters and makes recommendations to the Tribal Prosecutor on whether or not to file a child protection petition. The Tribe has enacted laws regarding child welfare and child protection, set forth in WOTC § 5.101 et seq, which LTBB Tribal Prosecutor’s Office has the responsibility to enforce.