Accounting Department

Mission Statement

To assist the Tribal Council, Tribal Chairman, all Departments and Programs, as well Tribal Citizens with appropriate information to make informed decisions in the allocation of Tribal Resources to promote the long term financial stability of the Tribe.


Vision Statement

To have a well developed accounting department that provides friendly service, accurate, useful and timely information to all branches of government and all departments and subsidiaries of the government.


Program Summary

The LTBB Accounting department strives to continually provide accurate and timely financial information to all of its users.  We currently have a staff of 15 which includes the CFO, Controller, two senior accountants, one staff accountant, an enterprise bookkeeper, three purchasing technicians, two payroll technicians and two accounts payable technicians, Grants Compliance Officer, and an administrative assistant.


The department creates monthly financial statements for over 165 programs each year with 75 to 85 of those involving funds from grants. The department is also responsible for the processing of weekly payroll for approximately 240 employees, commissioners and Tribal Council members each week.  Purchasing and accounts payable process over 1,000 transactions each month.  The department is also responsible for the annual report, both financial and performance, the annual audit, preparing and monitoring the annual budget, as well as a host of other monitoring and processing tasks.  There is rarely down time in the department and the staff is always busy working on one task or another.


Contract Functions

The purpose of the contracts personnel is to insure that all contracting actions undertaken by the tribal government are conducted in an un-biased, ethical, and cost advantageous manner. The contract personnel monitors contracts to assure compliance with Tribal Policies as well as applicable federal regulations in order to protect continuance of federal funding.


The use of fair and open competition procedures insures that all tribal members who are interested in contracting with the tribe are given a fair opportunity to do so.


The contracts for which the contracts personnel are responsible for are Consulting, Technical Assistance, Training, Research, Management Assistance, and Maintenance type services.



For Contracts Contact:
Lead Purchasing Technician:
Mandy Szocinski
Location: 7500 Odawa Circle, Harbor Springs, MI 49740
Contact Number:
(231) 242-1439
Fax Number: (231) 242-1449
E-mail Address:


Accounting Staff Contacts:
Accounting Department Assistant: Jon Shawa (231) 242-1440
Accounting Technician – Accounts Payable: Corey Bennington (231) 242-1541
Lead Accounting Technician – Purchasing & Contracts: Mandy Szocinski (231) 242-1439
Accounting Purchasing Technician: Kelli Pamp
Accounting Technician – Purchasing : Natawnee E. Mickalacki (231) 242-1435
Lead Accounting Technician – Payroll: Angela Friend (231) 242-1438
Accounting Technician – Payroll: Noel Bush (231) 242-1453
Senior Staff Accountant: Debra Meert (231) 242-1437
Senior Staff Accountant: Victor Matson (231) 242-1495
Senior Staff  Accountant: Cheryl Kishigo (231) 242-1436
Staff Accountant: Kurt Lasley (231) 242-1529
Grants Compliance Officer: Julie Kauppila (231) 242-1560
Enterprise Bookkeeper: Billi Jo Head (231) 242-1444
Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Carrie Carlson (231) 242-1442

Current Location: 7500 Odawa Circle, Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Fax Number: (231) 242-1445
E-mail Address: