Planning, Zoning, and Building Department

We will create the ultimate model of Tribal planning and development by utilizing the highest quality professional practices. We will formulate processes that involve the Tribal community by promoting community out-reach, consensus and inter-governmental alliances.


We will utilize our resources to gather planning data that is relevant, highly accurate and useable. We will employ dedicated planning professionals who will use their skills to provide comprehensive and strategic planning that anticipates the needs and visions of the Tribe. We will maintain the support of Tribal leadership by providing trustworthy and reliable plans and recommendations.”


The Planning Department has 4 main areas of responsibility: Planning, which includes land use, transportation, facility development, and other types of planning along with computer mapping (GIS); Zoning, which includes administering the LTBB Zoning Ordinance; Building, which includes administering the LTBB Building Codes, as well as assisting with the construction development process for Tribal projects like the new Fish Hatchery on Drier Road, and Mobility Management, which includes coordination of transit resources to maximize benefit for LTBB Tribal Citizens.


The Planning Department facilitates the design and construction of all projects on LTBB Trust Land including consultation, site planning, permitting, code review, and inspection services. We are currently involved in projects to develop housing at 2nd Street, Mtigwaakiis and WahWahsNooDeKa, as well as working with the Odawa Casino and OEDMI on their development projects and working with the Natural Resources Department on the LTBB Fish Hatchery and the 9-Mile Point boat launch. In recent years, we have worked with the Health Department on their Behavior Health and LTBB Pharmacy remodel projects and the Archives & Repatriations Department with their climate-controlled storage expansion.

06/02/2023 – Advertisement For Bids – Mtigwaakiis Housing Complex Well House And Water Main

Mtigwaakiis Housing Complex_Plans

Mtigwaakiis Housing Complex_Contract Docs

Addendum No. 1

* Interested bidders need to notify the planning the dept at 231-242-1581 of their interest to be notified of any updates or changes.

Tribal Planner: Amanda Swiss
Transportation Planner: Amanda Swiss
Admin Assistant: Shari Temple


Location: 7500 Odawa Circle, Harbor Springs, MI 49740
Contact Number: (231) 242-1591
Email address: ASwiss@LTBBODAWA-NSN.GOV