061409-01 DECLARATION Honoring Our Ancestors and Their Resting Places
092709 DECLARATION Regarding Sept 13, 2009 Elder’s comments
092709-01 DECLARATION Tribal Council Non-Support of Tribal Chair News Review Comment regarding Elder Comment’s
112209-001 DECLARATION Support HOUSE BILL 3742 & 3697 Carcieri Fix
120609-01 DECLARATION Support for Mystic Lake from the Native Peoples Homelands Climate Change Workshop II
022110-001 DECLARATION Support SENATE BILL 2946 & HOUSE BILL 4472 Protecting Great Lakes from Asian Carp
082210-001 DECLARATION Opposition to Proposed FY 2012 BIA Budget
082210-002 DECLARATION Statement in Opposition to the Frontier Energy Project Because of the Devastating Impact on Tribe’s Culture
110710-01 DECLARATION Opposition Bay Mills Casino at Vanderbilt, MI w-Signatures
111010-01 DECLARATION Condemnation of Tribal Chair’s Action-Reaction of Letter to State Regarding Vanderbilt Casino
040311-01 DECLARATION Tribal Council’s Request to the Tribal Chairman for a Response to Reports of Violations
082111-01 DECLARATION LTBB Support for the State of Michigan Proposed Legislation, Senate Bill 1232 the Michigan Indian Families Preservation Act
100911-01 DECLARATION Support for Change and Clarification of CORA Funds Distribution
121811-001 DECLARATION Per Capita Distributions
090912-01 DECLARATION Statement in Support of Reaffirmation of Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians
100712-01 DECLARATION Opposition to Sport Hunting of Ma’ingan, Grey Wolf
110412-01 DECLARATION Statement in Support of Honoring Our Children
102112-01 DECLARATION LTBB Support of the State of Michigan Legislation, Senate Bill 1232 titled the Michigan Families Preservation Act.
100613-01 DECLARATION LTBB Support for the First Nations of Canada and the “Idle No More” Movement
020214 DECLARATION Enbridge Pipeline Under Mackinaw Straits
020214 DECLARATION Oakland County’s Executive L. Brooks Patterson Racist Comments
062214-02 DECLARATION Support of MSU Research Team Submission of Solicitation NIJ-2014-3897
032015-01 DECLARATION Support Grand of Valley State University Gi-gikinomaage-min Project
040915-01 DECLARATION Statement of Support of a Public Forum on Hydraulic Fracturing
051917-01 DECLARATION Statement of Concern regarding Funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative for FY 2018
080819 DECLARATION Statement of Support of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel to Decommission Enbridge Line 5
061120 DECLARATION Statement of Support of Black Lives Matter-signed
061021 DECLARATION Kamloops Indian Residential School
011421 DECLARATION Statement condemning the domestic terrorism at the U.S. Capitol
080521-001 DECLARATION Demand for government-to-government consultation with Michigan DNR and Wolf Management Advisory Council regarding the Sacred Wolf
012022-001 DECLARATION Statement OF Support for on United States Senate Bill S. 4752 to establish the Truth and Healing Consultation on Indian Boarding School Policy in the United Statutes
030322-01 Declaration Support for Michigan House Bill. 5706 Marihuana Amendment-approved 030322
030322-02 Declaration Support for Michigan Senate House Bill S. 876 Indian Boarding Schools-approved 030322
031722-01 Declaration Opposition for Senate Bill S. 0460, Amended Revised School Code Critical Race-approved 031722