Schedule of Court Fees

Schedule of Court Fees


General Civil Filing Fees $25.00
Motion Fee $10.00
Jury Demand (for Civil Cases) $100.00
Garnishment $15.00
Filing Foreign Judgment $25.00
Marriage Ceremony Fee No Charge
Appeal Fee $100.00
Enrollment Appeal Fee $25.00
Drug Screen (UA) per test $12.00
Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) cost per test $2.00
Court Document/Copies(i.e., opinions, pleadings, order, judgment, etc.) $ .20
Transcripts (Cost of Preparation)
Annual Bar Dues $50.00




  • Only a natural person is eligible for the waiver or suspension of fees.
  • Persons receiving Public Assistance are entitled to a waiver of fees, provided that the assistance provides the primary source of their support. Proof of eligibility must be shown by ex-parte affidavit filed with the Court.
  • Other Indigent Persons. If a person can show ex-parte affidavit that she/he is unable to pay fees, the Tribal Court may order those fees waived.
  • Affidavits. An affidavit required may be signed by either the person(s) seeking the waiver, or any person(s) having personal knowledge of the facts required to be shown if the person(s) for whom the affidavit is made unable to sign due to being a minor or other incompetent person.
  • Reinstatement or Requirement to Pay Fees. If payment has been waived or suspended rule the Court may on its own initiative ordered the person receiving the waiver to pay, when the reason for the waiver no longer exists providing the case is still pending or open.
  • LTBB Tribal Citizen wil be exempt from UA and PBT fees with Tribal ID


Certification of Adoption

The Tribal Judiciary unanimously adopted the above schedule of court fees on June 18, 2008 and amended March 14, 2011

– Honorable JoAnne Gasco, Chief Judge