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Being Odawa is all about freedom.  The Freedom to be a part of a people who, with integrity and pride, still have and speak our own language.  The freedom to share in common with all other Odawak the customs, culture, and spirituality of our ancestors.  The freedom we have today we will bring to the future through unity, education, justice, communication, and planning.  We will reach out to the next seven generations by holding to cultural values of Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth.  We will utilize our Tribal assets to provide the necessary tools to become successful, hard-working community members who proudly represent our culture.  With these values we will move the Tribe forward.

Anishinaabemowin Interpretation of LTBB Mission Statement:
Debendiziwin aawan maanda Odawa aawiing.  Geyaabi gdaa’aanaa miinwaa gdanwewmi Anishinaabemowin, maanda egishkaago’iing debendiziwin ebidgwasiing mnaadendiziwin miinwaa wiimnaadendiziyiing.  Gdabendaanaa debendiziwin kina gwaya Odawak naasaap eyaamjik, maanda naakinigewinan, maadiziwin miinwaa mnidoowaadiziwin gaanaaniigaaniijik debendamowaad. Maanda debendiziwin eyaamiing nangwa, kanimaajiidonaa niigaan ezhibezhigoyiing, kinoomaadwin, dbaakinigewin, giigidowin miinwaa naakinigewin.  Kazhiibiignaketaanaa maanda niizhwaachiing bimaadiziwin waabii’aamigak mjignamiing ninda mnomaadiziwinan echipiitendaakin: nbwaakaawin, zaagidwin, mnaadendamowin, aakde’ewin, gwekwaadiziwin, dbaadendiziwin miinwaa debwewin.  Kanakaazinaa ninda gdabendaaswinaanin, jimiigwe’iing nakaazwinan jimnomewzi’iing, enitaanokiijik maampii Anishinaabek enaapshkaamwaad maanda gbimaadziwinaa.  Ninda eyaamiing echipiitendaakin, miigo kina gwaya maampii enjibaad jiniigaanibizad.

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Elders Commission Meeting - 5:50 PM
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11/18/19 - Legislative Documents Posted for Comment Updated

11/14/19 - Executive Documents for Comment Updated

10/31/19 - Join Mzinigangamik’s Reading Challenge! There’s a new BINGO reading challenge each month through February 2020. Read for your chance to enter a prize drawing. Please call 231-242-1487 with any questions.
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10/25/19 - Several LTBB Departments are seeking to dispose of surplus equipment they have.  In accordance with WAGANAKISING ODAWAK STATUTE 2012-015 ASSET DISPOSITION, LTBB has previously offered first right of refusal to all LTBB Governmental Departments and Enterprises on the surplus equipment listed below.  No department or enterprise has expressed an interest in the equipment.  We will now offer them to the Public by way of sealed bid.  Items are located on the power line by the NRD Building and can be seen at that location.  All interested parties must submit a sealed bid by 4:00 P.M., November 22, 2019 to the LTBB Accounting Department Attn: Mandy Szocinski.

1)    All bids must be in writing. 
2)    All bids must be in a sealed envelope.
3)    All bids must be signed and dated by the individual placing the bid.
4)    All bids must include the name, address, and telephone number of the individual entering the bid.
5)    No bids will be accepted by the LTBB after 4:00 PM, November 22, 2019.
6)    All surplus equipment is “as is.” The individual that wins the bidding process shall be responsible for any repair, removal or shipping costs that may be necessary.
7)    Bids must specify which piece of equipment is being bid on.
8)    Winning bidders must produce guaranteed funds for the purchase within 7 days of the winning bid notification in cash or cashier’s check. (NO PERSONAL CHECKS)
9)    The equipment must be removed from its current location within 7 days of the winning bid notification.
10)  LTBB reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  We will compare bids to the current salvage value of the vehicles and no bid below the salvage value will be accepted.
11)  All conditions must be satisfied and/or approved before final authorization to take possession of the equipment will be approved. 


  • From Law Enforcement, 2010 Ford Crown Victoria last 4 of Vin# 6748 with 62,032 miles; Needs front end work, brakes and rotors.  There may be other repairs needed that were not apparent upon cursory inspection.
  • From Law Enforcement, 2010 Ford Crown Victoria last 4 of Vin#6749 with 72,793 miles; Needs rack & pinion work and brakes.  There may be other repairs needed that were not apparent upon cursory inspection.
  • From Health, Ford 2006 F-150 4x4 Truck last 4 of Vin# 8977 with 120,109 miles; need transmission & brakes. There may be other repairs needed that were not apparent upon cursory inspection.
  • From Health, 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Truck 2500 Heavy duty Short Bx W/Plow last 4 of Vin# 4690 with 99,384 miles; needs transmission, extreme rust, & plow repair. There may be other repairs needed that were not apparent upon cursory inspection.
  • From Health, 2007 Ford Escape V6 last 4 of Vin# 5138 with 139,089 miles; needs front end work, exhaust, rear window hinges.  There may be other repairs needed that were not apparent upon cursory inspection.
  • From Elders, 2009 Chevrolet Express 3500 Cut Away Shuttle Bus last 4 of Vin#1548 with 132,467 miles; needs transmission Leak & Issues, body damage 9/2018 had new upper & lower RF ball joints, LF wheel Bearing, rear axle seals & flange, & rear pads & rotors replaced.  There may be other repairs needed that were not apparent upon cursory inspection.

10/16/19 - On Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 2:37 p.m. Legislative Leader Emily Proctor authorized a Tribal Council Emergency Phone poll for Supplemental funding to the Natural Resources Department in the amount of $150,000.00 to cover the costs associated for engineering and placement of large rocks and boulders along 400 ft of shoreline to protect from further erosion along our property on 9-Mile Point.  Elevated Lake Michigan water levels and global warming have contributed to severe storms across our region causing damage along Michigan’s lakeshores.
Reason for Emergency Phone Poll: Motion to adopt Tribal Resolution Natural Resources Department Request for Supplemental Funding in the Amount of $150,000 to come from General Fund-Fund Balance.
Phone Poll Vote: 9 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained, 0 Absent
Comments: none
Motion carried.
TR Natural Resources Dept Supplemental Funding in the Amount of $150000

09/11/19 - Policy Posted for comment:
Tribal Council Phone Poll Policy Draft

08/26/19 - Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan For Coment

04/08/19 - 2020 LTBB Proposed Budget

09/07/18 - LTBB NRD CWD Emergency Regulations for the 1836 Treaty Ceded Territory of Michigan Effective: 8-28-18
CWD Core Area: means the 5-County Core CWD Area which includes Ionia, Kent, Mecosta, Montcalm, and Newaygo counties all within the 1836 Treaty Area.
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