Legislative Documents Posted for Comment

POL-267 Ethics for Government Officials-Employees Policy and Procedures
LEG-276 Amendment to WOS 2015-019 Administrative Procedures
LEG-POL 278 Ethics Policy and Procedures
LEG-279 Declaration for Emergency or Disaster Statute
LEG-283 Marijuana Program Statute
LEG-287 Incident Command in Emergency or Disaster
LEG-288 Department of Public Works
LEG-289 Medicare Reimbursement Statute
LEG-290 Health Food and Housing Program
LEG-291 Amendment to Waganakising Odawak Statute 2002-04 Indian Preference in Tribal Employment
LEG-292 Aanjigin Honorarium Program Act
LEG-293 Waiver of Fees for Veteran’s Statute

* Documents posted above for comment follow the procedures as set out in the following Statute:


* Full Legislative History can be found on the Legislation History page.