Purchased Referred Care – PRC

Purchased Referred Care – PRC

(Formally known as Contract Health Services)

(231) 242-1600

Marcia Sutton
PRC Specialist


Chris Peariso
PRC Assistant


Kelli Doerfler
Central Registration Clerk


Christina DuBois
Business Office Manager


Sandra DuBois
Billing Specialist

Jade Kiogima
PRC Assistant


Valorie Glazier
Patient Benefits Specialist


Dawn McNamara
Medical Coder


Ashley Keller
Patient Advocate

It is the responsibility of Purchased Referred Care to administer the (IHS) prospective payment program. This program has strict federal guidelines that we must follow. PRC is not an entitlement program or an insurance plan but rather an alternate resource for health care costs for LTBB Tribal Members and their descendants. PRC is the payer of last resort so if a member does not have another resource, such as private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, that member will be required to apply for Medical Assistance to exhaust all resources. Ineligibility for medical assistance needs to be established to satisfy payer of last resort criteria.