Victim’s Services

The Tribal Prosecutor’s Office is committed to ensuring that crime victim’s are able to exercise the rights guaranteed to them by Tribal law. The Tribal Prosecutor’s Office has a Victim’s Advocate on staff to assist crime victims in knowing what their rights are and ensuring that they have meaningful access to the criminal justice process.


Victim’s Advocate: The Victim’s Advocate is responsible for communicating with crime victims regarding their case, ensuring that victims are aware of the rights afforded to them by law, and assisting them as the case makes its way through the criminal justice process. The Victim’s Advocate also assists victims in accessing resources.


Victim’s Rights: Tribal law guarantees that crime victim’s have the following rights:


  1. The right to be protected from the accused.
  2. The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any public court proceeding, or any parole proceeding, involving the crime or of any release or escape of the accused.
  3. The right not to be excluded from any such public court proceeding, unless the court, after receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that testimony by the victim would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at that proceeding.
  4. The right to be heard at any court or agency proceeding involving the release, plea, sentencing, or any parole proceeding.
  5. The right to confer with the Prosecuting Attorney in the case.
  6. The right to full and timely restitution as provided in the law.
  7. The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay.
  8. The right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim’s dignity and privacy.

WOTC § 9.601 et seq.


Victim’s Resources: There are numerous resources available to crime victims to help them in dealing with the stress and anxiety that they may experience.


LTBB Resources:

  1. Anishinaabe Life Services (counseling & treatment), 231-242-1640
  2. Human Services (food, utility, emergency assistance, day care assistance, social services), 231-242-1621
  3. Housing (tranistional housing, rental assistance), 231-242-1540


Other resources:

  1. Women’s Resource Center (shelter, counseling, sexual assault services), 231-347-0067;
  2. Nehemiah Project (shelter), 231-347-0363
  3. Goodwill Inn Shelter, 231-922-4890,
  4. National Domestic Violence Hotline, 1-800-799-7233
  5. National Sexual Assault Hotline, 1-800-656-4673
  6. National Center for Victim’s of Crime Helpline, 1-800-394-2255
  7. National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline 1-866-331-9474
  8. Women’s Resource Center (24-hour crisis line) 231-347-0082 / toll-free 800-275-1995