Health Clinic

Frank Animikwam, MD
Medical Director


Amy Mitchell, MD
Family Practice Physician


Cynthia Statler, MD
Pediatrician/MAT Physician


Cari Anne Jeffers-Wcisel MS, PA-C
Physician Assistant


Heather Sabin, RN
Clinic Nurse Manager


Eli Robinson, RN
Clinic Nurse


Holly Budzynski
Certified Medical Assistant


Emily Conners
Certified Medical Assistant

Michelle Alcazar
Certified Medical Assistant


Beth Saylor
Certified Medical Assistant


Kayla Tackett
Certified Medical Assistant


Alyssa Hromika, Pharm.D
Clinical Pharmacist


Tina Bishaw
Crisis Intervention Counselor


Carla Campbell
Medical Records


Ashley Gasco
Clinic Front Desk


Maya Schlappi
Clinic Front Desk

The Health Clinic is a full service primary care clinic with health services provided five days per week. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Medical Direction is provided by Frank Animikwam, MD who also provides primary health care at the clinic by appointment.