Census Raffle Prizes

Aanii LTBB Tribal Citizens, LTBB Employees, and LTBB Community Members,


Our Tribe is carrying out an extensive Economic and Diversification Recovery Strategy planning grant, which has been awarded to us from the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration. This is a comprehensive analysis and strategy formulation of our resources, our businesses, and our land. This is our Odawa Prosperity Project, and we are working towards our Odawa Prosperity Path.


The Odawa Prosperity Project is a community-led initiative to identify economic priorities, understand the needs of Citizens and the Tribal

workforce, and create a prosperous pathway for our Tribe’s future.


We have a diverse consulting team of three firms who will carry out this work through the end of 2024, ending with the delivery of a 5–25-year strategic plan for LTBB, titled the Odawa Prosperity Path.


Please participate in this important project by completing our LTBB 2024 Census, meeting with us at our pop-up engagement events, sharing your ideas with us and the community, and staying up to date on our planned activities. 


Please contact the LTBB Department of Commerce at 231-242-1585 or DOC@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov for any questions or concerns regarding the Odawa Prosperity Project, or our Tribal Census.

Request Paper Copy of LTBB 2024 Census