Current Regulations

REG-WOS 2006-017 022307-002 Burial Fund Regulations

REG-WOS 2006-009 122223-004 Business Registration Regs

REG-WOS 2014-017 090116-005 Leases of LTBB Trust Lands Regulations.pdf

REG-TR-032218-01 040518-01 LTBB Hearing Aid Program Regulations

REG-TR-032218-02 040618-01 LTBB Elder Dental Services Program Regulations

REG-WOS 2015-008- 043018-001 Food & Utility Appropriation Allowance Regulations

REG-WOS 2011-015-040915-014 Gaming Regulatory Commission Regulations

REG WOS 2011-016-121614-005 Shirley Naganashe Oldman Secondary Education Completion Award Regulations

REG-WOS 2009-013 071709-003 Issuing and Monitoring Child Foster Care Facility Licenses

REG-WOS 2011-005-081920-021 Amendment to TMICS-approved 082020

REG WOS 2006-001-06122015-001 William R Kiogima & Helen A Kiogima Noozwin Act Regulations

REG WOS 2005-01 070909-004 Natural Resources Commission Regulations for Licensing and Permits

REG-WOS 2005-001-100923-004 Camping Regulations for Camping on Tribal Lands

REG-WOS 2008-012 021513-001 LTBB Natural Resources Access Sites Regulations

REG-WOS 2010-009 052912-002 Public Documents Regulations

REG-WOS 2012-008 081712-002 SORNS Classes of Offenders Regulations

REG-WOS-2019-008-101019-002 Hemp Regulatory Commission Regulations for Sampling, THC Testing, and Post-Testing Actions and Disposal of Non-Compliant Plants and Products

REG-WOS-2020-015-060220-004 Hemp Regulatory Commission Regulations for Hemp Sampling and THC Testing-approved 060520

REG-WOS 2011-005-081820-001 Gaming Regulatory Sports Betting Regulations-approved 090320

REG-WOS 2009-007-05192021-002 Sign Code Regulations-approved 061021

REG-WOS 2021-010-072121-001 Aanjigin Honorarium Act Regulations

REG-WOS 2020-003-083121-002 Michelle Chingwa Education Honorarium Regulations

REG-WOS 2021-014-03172022-01 Energy Program Application for Third Party Financing Regulations

REG-WOS 2021-014-07142022-001 Energy Improvement Program Regulations

REG-WOS 2013-008-072522-001 Food and Utility Appropriation Allowance Regulations

REG-WOS 2013-008-07252022-001-C Emergency Fuel and Utility Assistance Regulations

REG-WOS 2005-06 010616-016 Tribal Minimum Internal Control Standards

REG-WOS 2023-001 012623-002 DOC For-Profit & Non-Profit Corporation Fee Schedule

REG-WOS 2023-001 012623-001 DOC Limited Liability Company Fee Schedule

REG-WOS 2023-020 010824-001 Traditional Tribal Burial Grounds

REG-WOS-2013-004-122223-010 1836 Ceded Territory 2023 Natural Resources Rules and Regulations

REG-WOS 2024-001 022224-01 Hotel Room Tax Regulations

REG-WOS 2023-002 031324-01 Citizenship Statute Regulations