Enrollment Department

Contact Information

Phone: (231) 242-1522
Fax: (231) 242-1526


Vision Statement:  Our vision is to protect the next seven generations by digitizing records for preservation and digitalizing our department for a paperless future.



Mission Statement:  Our mission is to uphold the Little Traverse Bay Bands Constitution Membership Requirements.  To be accurate, objective, expedient, with a fair enrollment process while providing quality services to the Tribal Citizenship, LTBB Departments, local, state and federal governments.



Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible for LTBB Citizenship you must be (1/4) or more North American Indian blood quantum and trace to Little Traverse Bay Bands.

Applications For Citizenship


Please contact the Enrollment Office at (231) 242-1521 for an Application for Citizenship.


To be eligible for LTBB Citizenship you must be ¼ or more North American Indian blood quantum and trace to Little Traverse Bay Bands.


Below are resources to help you with researching your genealogy.
Mainly Michigan Durant Roll Search



Address Change Forms


Forms for LTBB Citizens Use

For citizen purchase only. List of Citizen’s name and address only. ($5.00 fee)


Active Tribal Notaries

Enrollment Officer: Pauline Boulton (231) 242-1520,

Administrative/Genealogist: Lindsey Doerfler
(231) 242-1521, ldoerfler@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov

Data Entry/Recptionist: Therea Boda Naganashe
(231) 242-1522, TNaganashe@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov

LTBB Citizenship Information


Marriage Statute


Tribal Notary
The Enrollment Office handles the commissioning of Tribal Notaries. If you are interested in becoming a Tribal Notary please review the Notary Q&A document, WOS 2008-005 Tribal Notary Statute, and LTBB Jurisdiction map. Then, complete an application and return by mail or in-person to the Enrollment Office along with a Check or Money Order made out to LTBB Enrollment in the amount of $10.00, this is the application fee. You will be notified by mail if you are eligible or ineligible to receive a Tribal Notary Commission and information on how to proceed.



Name Changes

In 2006, Tribal Council passed WOS-2006-001 The William Raymond Kiogima and Helen Agnes Kiogima Noozwin Act. This act allows Tribal Citizens the opportunity to have multiple names and to change their name.


A citizen can notify Enrollment that they would like to have an Alias Name in their electronic and hard file. This alias name is not an official name change and no Tribal Identification card will be issued with the alias.


A citizen is also able to petition Tribal Court for a legal name change. A Petition for Name Change must be submitted to Tribal Court. Once a Petition has been granted by the Court, Enrollment will change the citizen’s name and publish the new and former name in the Odawa Trails and Odawa Register for 60 days (a minor’s name change will not be published). A new Tribal Identification card with the new name will be issued at no cost.

For a Name Change Petition, please contact one of the Enrollment staff.


For all other name changes – you must provide the Enrollment Office with a copy of the Marriage License/Divorce Decree/Name Change Order. Once documentation has been received a new Tribal Identification Card with the new name will be issued at no cost.


Picture Tribal ID Requests


Tribal ID Request Form


It is recommended that you obtain a Picture Tribal Identification card to receive tribal services.


Replacement Tribal IDs are $10.00. ID cards are replacements if they are expired, lost/stolen, or you would like an updated address listed.
All ID cards are free to Elders (aged 55+) and LTBB Veterans.
Your first picture Tribal ID is free.


To receive a picture Tribal ID through first class mail:

  1. Complete the Tribal ID Request Form
  2. Adults 18 & Over – Submit a PASSPORT photo of yourself. No hats or sunglasses. You may obtain a passport photo at most pharmacies and some Wal-Mart stores.
    Or email a picture of yourself with white background.
  3. Minors (K-12) – Submit a current school photo or a passport photo.
  4. Submit a photocopy of your state driver’s license, state ID, or expired Tribal ID.
  5. If a replacement ID, send the required $10.00 fee (cash, check, or money order made payable to LTBB).
  6. Mail the completed form and documents to: Enrollment, 7500 Odawa Circle, Harbor Springs, MI 49740.


Services Provided