Cultural Services

Theresa Chingwa, Cultural Services Specialist
(231) 242-1486


Cultural Community Programming and Events
Cultural Services provides cultural education and culturally-based programs for the LTBB citizenship, Pre-K-12 students, LTBB government and enterprise employees, and general public including but not limited to: teachings, camps, feasts, ceremonies, workshops, special events, activities, and presentations. Annual Community Input Meetings help guide programming for the upcoming year.
We collaborate with various departments and community members to provide the following:


  • Elders Department’s Boozhookedaa week at the beginning of the year
  • Professional Development quarterly with Human Resources department
  • Manoomin (wild rice) workshops with the Environmental Department
  • Decolonizing Diet events with Community Health
  • Fall Encampment
  • Title VI Year-End Celebration & Professional Development on cultural activities with SPRING Grant
  • College Awareness Day with Higher Education Services
  • Regalia making with Youth Services
  • Culturally-based curriculum for schools with Academic Services
  • Science or STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) summer programming for youth with Academic Services
  • Snow Snake events
  • Grave Crown making
  • Harvesting Natural Resources
  • LTBB Round Dance
  • Mkwa Ziibi Community Lacrosse


Some historical collaborations include community craft nights, storytelling, drum socials, dance socials, water teachings series, the Flint Water Ceremony, Manda Bee Kee Dance Troupe documentary, lodge building and teachings, traditional burial teachings with LTBB Burial Board, and Eastern Door Teachings with Maternal Child Health and Inter-Tribal Council of MI.