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Department of Commerce (DOC)

Corporations (For-Profit or Non-Profit):

WOS 2003-07 Comprehensive Business Codes
Application to Register a Non-Profit Corporation
Application to Register a For-Profit Corporation
For-Profit And Non-Profit Corporation Fee Schedule


Limited Liability Companies (LLCs):

WOS 2020-005: Limited Liability Company Code
Application to Register a Limited Liability Company
Template for Articles of Organization
Limited Liability Company Fee Schedule


Doing Business As (DBA):

WOS 2006-009: Business Assumed Name Act
REG WOS 2006-009: Business Registration Regulations
Application for DBA
Notice of Dissolution – DBA
List of Active Tribal Notaries


Energy Improvement Program:

WOS 2021-014 Energy Improvement Program Statute
REG-WOS 2021-014-03172022-001
REG-WOS 2021-014 07142022-001
Energy Improvement Program Application for Third-Party Financing
Letter of Lender Consent for LTBB Energy Improvement Program
Credit History Report Waiver for LTBB Energy Improvement Program


Hotel Room Tax:

WOS 2024-001 Hotel Room Tax
Monthly Hotel Room Tax Form
Monthly Hotel Room Tax Exemption Certificate


Tax Agreement Information:
LTBB Tax Agreement – Codified through 5th Amendment
LTBB Tax Agreement – Original
LTBB Tax Agreement – 1st Amendment
LTBB Tax Agreement – 2nd Amendment
LTBB Tax Agreement – 3rd Amendment
LTBB Tax Agreement – 4th Amendment
LTBB Tax Agreement – 5th Amendment
LTBB Tax Agreement – Appendix A
Map of Tax Agreement Area
Map of Tribal and Trust Lands


Resident Tribal Citizen:
Request for Tribal Certificate of Exemption (TCE) Form
Commonly Asked Eligible and Ineligible Items for TCE Use
How to Obtain a Tribal Certificate of Exemption (TCE)
Information on the Form 4013: Resident Tribal Member Annual Sales Tax Credit
Link (directly below) to the State of Michigan’s web page for FAQs on the Form 4013:,4676,7-238-75545_43867—,00.html


LTBB Tribal Citizen Vendors:
LTBB Tribal Citizen Vendors – Request to be Added



Cultural Library


Aanjigin Workforce Development


K-12 Services


Nitaazhitoojik Industrial Training (NIT) Program


Higher Education Services


WOCTEP – Career & Technical Education




Spring Prevention Program



For Name Change – you must provide the Enrollment Office with the Marriage License/Divorce Decree/Name Change Order.


Applications For Citizenship
Please contact the Enrollment Office at (231) 242-1521 for an Application for Citizenship.


To be eligible for LTBB Citizenship you must be ¼ or more North American Indian blood quantum and trace to Little Traverse Bay Bands.


Below are resources to help you with researching your genealogy.
Mainly Michigan Durant Roll Search


Address Change Forms


Citizen Forms


Marriage Statute


Notary Forms



Services Provided

Health Services

Health Clinic



Purchased Referred Care (PRC) – Formally known as Contract Health Services (CHS)


Central Registration


Citizen Programs


Human Resources

Human Services

Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department

Natural Resources


Youth Services


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