Department of Commerce

Starting in 2021, the Form 4013 for the Resident Tribal Member Annual Sales Tax Credit will no longer be automatically mailed to Resident Tribal Members (RTMs). Most programs that are used for e-filing your taxes, or programs used by professional tax preparers, will automatically generate the Form 4013 upon selecting that you are a Resident Tribal Member.

For those who do not e-file or do not use a tax preparer, or those who prefer to have a paper copy of the Form 4013 – this will still be available upon request. You must contact the LTBB DOC office and request the Form 4013 if you would like a copy mailed or emailed to you. The LTBB DOC office can be reached at 231.242.1584 or by email at with any questions or to request the Form 4013.

Department of Commerce is responsible for the administration and/or oversight of the following:

  • Filing Business Certificate Registrations (DBA’s)
  • Filing all Profit and Non-Profit Corporations, Registrations, Certificates and Amendments
  • Oversight of the LTBB Tax Agreement and establishing policies regarding such as needed
  • Oversight and regulation of tax-exempt fuel and tobacco purchases pertaining to the LTBB Tax Agreement

Northern Shores Community Development


NLEA Business Counseling & Funding Available
Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA)has expanded their business counseling services and have added more business counseling opportunities as they work with SCORE!  NLEA also is offering Service Provider Program designed to provide funds to businesses, for a variety of services, to help them grow. Find out how your business may qualify to receive money for projects including:


– Website development
– Accounting System setup
– Legal entity issues
– Software development
– Marketing programs


For more info on these great services and more contact Tom Erhart, NLEA Entrepreneurship Director at: or 231-582-6482.  Please visit


Attention Resident Tribal Members (RTMs): How to Obtain a Tribal Certificate of Exemption (TCE)


If you are planning to purchase a vehicle, motorcycle, recreational watercraft, snowmobile, off-road vehicle, modular/mobile home to be used as the principle residence, items for treaty fishing, or items for permanent affixation to real estate (home improvement items for principle residence) – you must submit a ‘Request for Tribal Certificate of Exemption’ (Request for TCE) along with a copy of your Tribal ID first.


The form can be obtained on the LTBB website under the Commerce section, or by contacting the LTBB DOC office. The completed Request for TCE form must then be returned to DOC for processing. Please note that DOC has up to 96 hours to process completed Requests once all backup and necessary information has been received – provided that there are no problems during the verification processes, such as an incorrect address, or any circumstances that may happen beyond our control (i.e. power outages, etc.). Please make every effort to submit Requests in a timely manner.


Upon receiving the completed Request form, your Resident Tribal Member status will then be verified with the Enrollment Department. Therefore, it is critical that your address is correct with them. Upon address verification and confirmation that the purchase is eligible for a TCE, DOC will issue the actual TCE form and Authorization Letter to you so that you may provide them to the seller at the time of purchase. As of 2008 the Tribe no longer uses the Refund Method, so if you make the purchase(s) before obtaining the appropriate forms, there is no recourse for receiving the tax exemption.


If you have any questions regarding the TCEs, including whether or not an item is eligible for a TCE, please contact the LTBB DOC office. There is also a PDF on the LTBB website under the Commerce section that lists frequently asked eligible vs. ineligible items that you may find helpful. The LTBB DOC office can be reached by calling 231.242.1584 or by emailing Miigwech. – Hayden Hooper, Department of Commerce Director.