Tribal Council and Legislative Office



11/04/2020Aanii Citizens, As the Executive recommendation for the Tribal Government building is to limit as much in person contact time in office as possible the Tribal Council Office will function in full service offsite as staff works from home. Please know that our staff is fully equipped to continue to provide the best communication and services on behalf of our Citizens. In addition to working offsite, and as in person contact is by appointment only, please also know that I will be your point person should you need to set up an in person appointment. Contact will be held outside of the building at an acceptable social distance with mandatory mask wearing by both parties. Additionally, though our office phones transfer to our cell phones, you may also contact my cell number 231-881-8704 directly for communication purposes to further ensure you are receiving the assistance you need.
Miigwech for your understanding and stay safe.
Michele Portman-LaCount
Legislative Office Manager

Aanii, please note that some documents have been moved to the Citizen’s Only Portal. If you cannot find a document you are looking for, or do not have access to the portal, please contact the Legislative office at or 231-242-1403 and we can further assist you. Miigwech.

Legislative Branch consists of the Tribal Council, and Committees of the Tribal Council, the Legal Department (General Counsel, Legislative Services Attorney, Office of Citizens Legal Assistance), The Office of Finance and Revenue and the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer.

Legislative Branch Contacts


TitleName Contact # Email Term Expires
Legislative Leader:Emily Proctor231-330-2934eproctor@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov2023
Tribal Secretary:
WOS 2012-017 Tribal Secretary Responsibilities
Julie Shananaquetjshananaquet@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov2021
Tribal Treasurer: Marcella Reyes231-881-1711mreyes@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov2021
Tribal Council: Tamara Kiogima231-330-7156tkiogima@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov2021
Tribal Council: Fred Harringtonfharrington@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov2021
Tribal Council: Leroy Shomin616-309-5976lshomin@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov2021
Tribal Council:Melissa Pamp231-445-0874mpamp@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov2023
Tribal Council:Fred Kiogima231-373-6104fpkiogima@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov2023
Tribal Council:Marty VanDeCar231-883-7690mvandecar@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov2023
Legislative Services Attorney:Donna
General Counsel:
WOS 2011-008 Enjinaaknegeng
James Bransky




Executive Legal Assistant:

Public Document Officer for Legislative Branch
Su Lantz231-242-1407slantz@ltbbodawa-nsn-gov
Office of Citizens Legal Assistance:
WOS 2012-006 Office of Citizens Legal Assistance
Senior Financial Analyst:
2016-005 Office of Finance and Revenue
Legislative Office Manager:Michele
Administrative Assistant:Linda
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer:
2019-006 Tribal Historic Preservation Office Statute
Melissa Wiatrolik231-242-1408

7500 Odawa Circle, Harbor Springs, MI 49740
Contact Number: Toll Free – 866-927-0077
Fax Number: 231-242-1416