Tribal Prosecutor Office

Tribal Prosecutor Office

Program Summary


Tribal Prosecutor is constitutionally created independent entity which is responsible for prosecuting crimes committed within the Tribe’s jurisdiction and representing the Tribe in child welfare proceedings.


In criminal proceedings,the Tribal Prosecutor files criminal complaints, requests search and arrest warrants, and represents the Tribe at criminal trials.


In child welfare proceedings Tribal Prosecutors Office files child-in-need of care petitions and represents the Tribe in all hearings conducted pursuant to the Tribe’s child protection laws. Tribal Prosecutors Office has the authority and responsibility to intervene in child protection proceedings in state court which involve children who are tribal citizens or who are eligible for citizenship in the Tribe. When acting on behalf of the Tribe in child welfare matters is referred to as the Tribal Presenting Officer.

Contact Information
(231) 242-1475
(231) 242-1511
Tribal Prosecutor:
(231) 242-1475
Office Manager-Victim Advocate:
Gwen Teuthorn