Now is the time of Naabdin Giizis - Snow Crust Moon.   The materials we are sharing this month are adapted from those provided by the White Earth Indian Community in the 13 Moons Curriculum.  The Food Topic is Ziinzibaakwad, Maple Sugar is Our Relative and the Food is Medicine teaching is about Zhiiwaagamizigan, or Maple Syrup. 

I always admire good cooks and people who figure out how to do something that comes out so tasty and delicious.  Please read the article shared with me by Joe VanAlstine at Ninaatigwaaboo (Maple Tree Water): An Anishinaabe History of Maple Sugaring ( to discover who showed the Anishinaabe how to cook the ziisabaakadaaboo (maple sap) down to make zhiiwaagamizigan and ziinzibaakwad. 


The month of March is National Reading Month! Do what you can in the world of reading, whether it is donating books to a local library or encouraging your own children or grandchildren to pick up a book and read. A child’s ability to read has a direct effect on their future success. Reading with a child helps to increase their vocabulary and improves their reading fluency and comprehension. Kids who read, and who are read to, do better in school and help build great communities.


Due to the decrease in cases within our region, local area, government operations, and community, we are making some changes and moving from Phase 2.5 to Phase 3.5 effective Sunday, February 27, 2022. Attached please find a copy of Phase 3.5 for everyone’s review. As usual when we switch phases there are some significant changes to our safety protocols for government operations. I’ve highlighted the major changes within the document in light blue for your convenience but please make sure you review the entire document for all the changes.


Tribal Citizens no longer need to have their Voter Registration form notarized, nor submit copies of identification cards. Mail or Email completed Voter Registration forms to the Election Board at mailing address or email on the form.

Due to updated database, the Election Board now has access to Tribal Citizen signatures and I.D.’s. Registered Voters who change their name must submit a new, signed Voter Registration Form.

For questions or further information, please email


The LTBB Department of Commerce (DOC) has updated the application for COVID-related financial assistance for businesses to now include “offset of lost revenue” as an eligible use of funds. Priority will be given to applicants with identified expenses first, however businesses can now request assistance for offset of lost revenue.

Information that remains the same: DOC will be distributing a total of $1,600,000.00 in the form of grants to businesses to be used in responding to the negative economic impacts caused by COVID.

Aanii, LTBB Community,

For those who live locally and would like to receive your masks sooner, please email: for an appointment to pick-up your pack of masks. The current process for mailing masks is the order the request is received and there have been several requests. So if you wish to get your masks quicker and you live locally, you can email Safety and schedule an appointment. Appointment times are Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 4:00pm only. In order to keep within our current COVID Phase 2.5, appointments are required.

Thanks, the Safety & Emergency Management department

When we think of February we first think of Valentine’s Day. The commercialization of the holiday with chocolates, candy hearts, and little stuffed bears with a heart that says, “I Love You!” has cemented February as the Month of Love.
In the healthcare world, February is recognized as American Heart Month. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in Native Americans. There are several factors to take into consideration when we talk about what causes heart disease. The February issue of Mnozhiyaadaa discusses some of the complexities of heart disease.


Greetings for this Fine February Day!

Did you have some fun developing your own Personal Wellness Plan during Manido Giizis?  We are wondering what delicious ways that you included more mandaamin in your intake?

In your efforts to maintain and improve your health, please remember that we have a full team of health professionals at Mina Mskiki Gumik Health Department available to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.  And, we are always interested in stories of your personal health and wellness journey.


Manido Giizis (Spirit Moon) is waning, and it is time to talk about the 13 Moons Challenges program for 2022.

The Community Health program has been working with the Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department and have a good plan for this new year. With each new moon, we will invite you to participate in a health and wellness challenge. If you choose not to participate, perhaps you can write your own challenge for that moon.