Environmental Services

Bush Creek


Description and Background

Brush Creek originates from Larks Lake and runs through the Pleasantview Swamp. Brush Creek runs southward4 miles where it connects into the west branch of the Maple River. The west branch of the Maple River and the east branch of the Maple River meet at Lake Kathleen. The east branch originates from Douglas Lake. Kathleen Lake has an old power dam which is no longer in use. The Maple River flows southward until it discharges into Burt Lake.


There is one site monitored on Brush Creek (BCMR3). In 2011, it was eliminated from the monitoring design. The inconsistency of monitoring due to the creek drying up and the characteristics of this site justified the elimination. BCMR3 is stagnant water and part of the Pleasantview Swamp.


The LTBB draft primary use at BCMR3 is indigenous aquatic life and wildlife and draft designated uses include; warm water fishery and partial secondary contact recreational.





DO Dissolved Oxygen
Respiration for fish, other aquatic organisms

TEMP Temperature
General aquatic life support and reproduction

COND Conductivity
General aquatic life support, dissolved solids indicator

CHLOR Chlorides
General life support, salinity indicator, drinking water pollutant

PH Potential Hydrogen Ion Concentration
Acidity/alkalinity indicator, drinking water pollutant

TP Total Phosphorous
Major algae nutrient, fertilizer/manure runoff indicator

TN Total Nitrogen
Major algae nutrient, drinking water pollutant, fertilizer/manure runoff indicator

CHL-A Chlorophyll-a
Algae concentration indicator

HAB Habitat
Instream and riparian structure to support life cycles of fish and other organisms

MAC Macroinvertebrates
Indicator of water quality based on the diversity of pollution tolerant and intolerant
aquatic insects and non-insects that are visible to the naked eye and do not have a backbone

TSS Total Suspended Solids
Indicator of aquatic life support, oxygen levels

FQA Floristic Quality Assessments
Indicates quality of wetland based on the plant community present



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