COVID Booster Vaccines

Aanii Kina Gwaya,

COVID cases are also present in our Northern Michigan area. Our LTBB Odawa Tribe Health Department encourages every patient, Health Department staff, and LTBB Odawa employee to please get their COVID booster shot.

Getting vaccinated against COVID also helps to reduce your risk of becoming ill from the COVID virus. Getting vaccinated can also help reduce the risk of COVID spread in families and communities, protecting our most vulnerable, elders and children.

We will also be planning dates for vaccine clinic at the LTBB Tribe Government Building for elders and employees. Due to the timing of ordering and shipping, COVID boosters will likely be available, for all, in the middle of October. Please see below some focused recommendations on the new booster:

• EVERYONE ≥ 6 months of age recommended to get a dose of UPDATED 2023-2024 COVID XBB.1.5 vaccine
• Must be 2 months since last dose
• Only children 6 months – 4 years are recommended to complete a full series if they did not complete an initial COVID-19 series (2 doses for Moderna and 3 doses for Pfizer)

We will be offering Moderna. We still have Novavax as an option.

Please let the LTBB Odawa Health Department know if you have any questions about vaccines and follow the instructions from the influenza clinic email to schedule your shot today.

Chimigwetch kina gwaya,

Dr Animikwam