Community Input

What makes this project special, and adds value to the content of the online classes, is Community Involvement.


A goal of the project is to include photos of our own community members. We would like the various photos to be representative of as many LTBB families and sub-communities as possible. We are also aiming for a majority of photos to include high school and young adults.


Some of the audio used to make the online classes will be voices of community members. However, the COVID pandemic has impacted project progress in outreach efforts. We have not been able to go out and take photos, or make recordings, due to social distancing and other safety restrictions.


Therefore, we are attempting to ask all community members to take photos for us, or email photos they may already have. See Photos List of photos needed, or contact us for more information. For community members making at least 5 contributions that get used as resources for the online classes, we have gift incentives, or honorariums. We will also list contributors in the credits of our project. You can be a contributor to this awesome project!


Download Photo List Here