Waabgonii Giizis, or Blossoming Moon, May 30th through June 28th

The new challenge this moon, one that you have seen before.  Are you ready to see how many plant foods you are consuming in a week?  The goal is 30 or more – not 30 servings just 30 different plants.  A few nuts, some oatmeal, an apple, a sprinkle of parsley on your noodles and you have five plant foods right there.  The hard part is that you only get to count each plant food one time in seven days, so tomorrow it is raisins, corn flakes, a banana, spinach salad and wheat bread for five more plant foods….  CAN YOU DO IT?  Give it a try!

This moon offers you the opportunity to try this challenge four times if you want to.  See if you can improve over the month.  If you are willing to give it a try, please see the attached materials.  Your gut will say Chi Miigwech!

Ideas for Eating More Plant Foods | The 30 Different Plant Based Foods Per Week Challenge