Supercharge Your Gut! The 30 Plant Foods Challenge

Can YOU eat 30 Different Plant Foods in a week?  

Have you heard of the latest gut health challenge?   We all know that eating plants is good for us.  However, it seems that eating a large VARIETY of plant foods is even better.  Eating many different plant foods improves our gut health by encouraging the growth of different species of bacteria that live there, especially the healthy, beneficial (good) bacteria.


It’s as simple as eating up to 30 different plants in a 7-day period in July.  Each food item only counts once in the week, even if you eat it lots of times.  Get the family involved and stick a chart on the fridge for every family member to see who can get to 30 in a week.

If you sprinkle a few walnuts on your oatmeal that counts as two plant foods – walnuts and oatmeal – you do not have to count portions, or eat a specific amount – just write down all the different plant foods that you eat in a week.   If you happen to add almond milk to your oatmeal with walnuts, you now have three different plant foods at one meal.

It’s important to remember that we still recommend eating at least 2 cups of fruits and 2 ½ cups of vegetables per day, so a banana (which counts as 1 cup of fruit) a day is great – but the banana can only count as one of your 30 plant foods for the week!  Portions DO NOT matter in this challenge.

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