Community Health is excited to announce that the Native Way Health and Wellness Center has reopened!

Community Health is excited to announce that the Native Way Health and Wellness Center has reopened! But there are some changes due to COVID restrictions.  Please read carefully about the changes.

The facility is open certain days/hours and available to gym members by appointments only. You must call (231) 242-1616 or email to schedule a time/times that you would like to use it.  Please no walk-ins.  Native Way is open Mondays – Thursdays, 8am – 630pm, and Fridays 8am – 5pm.  Sorry no weekends at this time. Please call (231)242-1616 for the next couple weeks to schedule a time frame. We are currently working on an online system that you can access and schedule, but for now please call.  When you schedule a time frame, please do your best to keep it or communicate ASAP if you cannot.  Because of COVID, we have to limit the number of gym members at one time.  If you no-show for your time frame, you are taking away other members chances at using the gym.  Not cool!

The gym will now be staffed.  Staff members will be checking you in and screening prior to entry.  You must have your Native Way card with you and present to the staff in order to gain entry.  Just because you scheduled a time doesn’t give you automatic access unless you have your card with you.  No exceptions!!!  There is an active list of gym members prior to the shutdown.  If you are not on the list, you may pay the $5 fee to reactivate your card.  If you have any questions, please call ahead.

We have split the gym into 2 sections.  One side is cardio while the other is the weight room.  At this time, we are not holding any exercise classes.  We have spaced all equipment out for a reason…Social distancing still needs to be practiced.

Masks:  If you are fully vaccinated, you do NOT have to wear a mask unless you want to.  If you are not vaccinated, you must wear one.  Only when you are working out at one specific location, you may remove it but immediately put it back on when transferring to another station or elsewhere in the gym.  Those that are vaccinated must show their vaccine card to staff in order to be granted the “no mask” wearing.  Each day could be a different staff member so please have your vaccine card on you at all times.  We will not be keeping track who is vaccinated or not. Masks will be made available at the gym if you need one.

We have decided to keep the water cooler but have done away with disposable cups, so bring your own water bottle!!!

Staff members are NOT there to clean up after yourselves.  You are still responsible for sanitizing machines, re-racking your weights, throwing your garbage away, etc.

If you have any questions please contact me or the Community Health Department.

Chi miigwech and we are excited to be open once again!

Marlene Gasco
LTBB Community Wellness Advocate