7 Circles of Health and Well-being

The term Well-being has been applied in many ways. It is much more than just physical health, exercise, and nutrition. Well-being is commonly viewed as having seven dimensions: Awareness, Food, Being in Motion, Sleep, Balance, Relationships, Culture / Traditions.  Each dimension contributes to our well-being or quality of life and has an impact on each of the other dimensions. When it comes to our lives, we always hear about achieving balance in these 7 dimensions. Sometimes in our lives, one dimension is vying for more time or attention than another and we have to learn how to counterbalance our time between each one to achieve balance again. Most people have a dimension that is more important to them and that’s okay. But neglecting any one dimension can have adverse effects on someone’s overall health.


With this project we want to know what Well-being looks like to you and your family. This project also allows for us to personalize our programs and services to meet the needs of the LTBB Tribal Community. The more we share,  the more we will learn and continue to grow as a community.


The attached flyer provides information as to how to submit your pictures and definitions of wellness. Notice: By submitting pictures with the links contained on the flyer, then you are giving permission to LTBB Mnozhiyaa Community Health to use these pictures publicly. It is our hope to use these for a collage installation piece of art within our community.