Elder’s Commission

Elders Commission:

A commission of no more than 5 enrolled Tribal Citizens that advises and aids the Kikaajik (Elders) Department in obtaining its statutory duties of providing services to meet the needs of the Kikaajik. For more information on the work that the Elders Commission carries out, please see Waganakising Odawak Statute 2015-001 below.

Elder’s (5 member) Commission
  • Debra Smithkey-Browne Term Expiration Date: 9/21/2025
  • Jon Shawa Term Expiration Date: 12/16/2025
  • Steven Otto Term Expiration Date 12/16/2025
  • Alice Hughes Term Expiration Date: 07/28/2026


Elders Commission Meeting Schedule:


Ruling Statute

2015-001 Elders Commission Statute

2006-007 Commissions Boards and Committees