Culture is Prevention

SPRING: Significant Prevention Resulting In New Generations

Currently we are funded through two different SAMHA grants: Partnerships For Success – works to prevent underage drinking and to reduce the usage of marijuana among the youth and, Rx grant that focuses on the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs.


*As social issues arise in the Odawa Community, SPRING will try to address it by providing prevention services.


Please visit our slide show to see what SPRING has been doing in the past. We will update our calendar to keep the community informed of future


  • Parents Who Host Lost the most
  • This is an environmental strategy
  • Moose Track Media
  • Nish Fish
  • Elders Roundtable Discussions
  • Detterra Bags/Medication Lockboxes


  • Summer Camps
    • SPRING hosts two different Summer Camps: CAMPUS and Jiimaan Journey
  • Prevention Trail
    • This is in the planning stages. Staff hope to build a prevention trail (walking trail) on site of the LTBB Government Complex. This trail will be open year-round for families to get out and walk and enjoy the outdoors. We are hoping to collaborate with other departments to create cultural sites for people to visit and learn more about the Odawa culture.
  • Geocaching
    • This is an activity SPRING is planning to bring forth in the Summer of 2021. Look for     new exciting details of how you and your family can get out and get moving.


SPRING has worked with several schools on a regular basis (we should put the Title VI’s contact information as drop down in each school)

  • Petoskey
  • Harbor Springs
  • Pellston
  • Alanson
  • Mackinaw City
  • Inland Lake
  • Wolverine


These surveys are implemented once a year. The surveys provide valuable information about the community pertaining to drugs and alcohol use and abuse: in people’s attitudes, behaviors, perceptions, norms, access, and much more. When analyze, the staff will create prevention programs to address the trends and concerns from the survey. Therefore, thank you helping us achieve this each year.

  • Adult
  • Youth
  • Staff sets up display exhibit during both powwows offered by the Odawa Nation


  • Year-End Celebration
    • This is a celebration that is hosted each year by SPRING Prevention tailored for the students who are about to finish another year. We bring together the students from different schools for a day of making new friends, celebrating another year completed, and learning about the Odawa culture by listening and experiencing through hand on activities. We end the day by doing a prevention walk.
  • Ghost Suppers
    • This is to honor the deceased of the Odawa ancestors. It is very important to remember those who have walked on. By honoring them, instills cultural values for our young.
  • Fall Encampments
    • This event is held in the fall and provides a day of fun things to do with the whole community. Please watch for the time and dates.


Pictures/phone numbers of SPRING staff

  • Randy Koch
    • Grant Project Director
    • 231-242-1650
  • Angie Woodin
    • Program Coordinator
    • 231-242-1649
  • Justin Davis
    • Community Organizer
    • 231-242-1710
  • Vacant
    • SPRING’s Outreach Worker/Media
    • 231-242-1771
  • David Thom
    • SPRING’s Outreach Worker
    • 231-242-1641