Minoomin Giizis – Ricing Moon Challenge

It is the first full week of Minoomin Giizis (Ricing Moon), and the materials from the White Earth Community that we are sharing for this moon are attached to this email.   Our Food is Medicine teaching is Why Plant Colors are Good to Eat:  Learning about Antioxidants and Phytochemicals and The Food Topic is Gichi-ogin, Tomato is Our Relative.

There is a recipe for Minoomin and Berries and the Minoomin Giizis Challenge Calendar are both attached.     

 This month’s moon challenge – Take the 28 – encourages including breakfast every day during the remainder of the moon – but if breakfast is a new practice for you, we are hoping that you can get breakfast at least 4 days in the next four weeks and that they are in some kind of a row.   

 On the calendar, we have given you some ideas for quick and easy work week breakfasts and more leisurely weekend breakfasts – these are only suggestions, and you may slip in whatever you want to eat on those days – just delete and write in over our suggestions.    

 If you can reach the goal of eating breakfast 4 days in a row – across, down, or diagonally we have a small prize for you!   

 See attachments for breakfast ideas from super easy to more complex.  Be curious and see if anything changes for you on the days, or during the week, that you include breakfast.  

Here is a link to a website with some high protein breakfast ideas.   Pictures: 15 High-Protein Breakfasts (webmd.com)

Break the Fast Challenge Calendar

Minoomin and Berries

Minoomin Giizis Nutrition

Take the 28

Tomato is Our Relative