LTBB Department of Commerce Announcement


The LTBB Department of Commerce would like to share an important update regarding TCEs. While we strongly encourage RTMs to obtain TCEs prior to the purchase(s), there is now a way to request a refund directly from the Michigan Department of Treasury for taxes that were paid on eligible items. If you made an eligible purchase while being an RTM, and you did NOT claim your exemption at the time of purchase – please contact the LTBB Department of Commerce for detailed information on how to request your refund. Refund claims must be made within four (4) years of the original date of purchase. Please note that this refund option should not be used as an alternative to the regular TCE process; rather it should be a fallback option, as the process for a refund is more burdensome on the RTM and still requires the RTM to obtain a TCE. The refund will be requested directly from the Michigan Department of Treasury, however LTBB DOC can walk you through the process and help you obtain the necessary paperwork to do so (TCE, appropriate receipts, forms from the seller, etc.).

Please contact the LTBB DOC office at 231-242-1584 or for additional information.