Child Welfare Commission

Child Welfare Commission:

A commission of no more than 5 enrolled Tribal Citizens that acts as an advisory and foster care licensing entity to protect and promote the welfare of Tribal children and families. For more information on the work that the Child Welfare Commission carries out, please see Waganakising Odawak Statute 2012-011 below.

Child Welfare (5 member) Commission
  • Heather Syrette Term Expiration Date: 02/11/2024
  • Heidi Bosma Term Expiration Date: 08/11/2025
  • Linda Keway Term Expiration Date: 07/14/2025
  • Steve Sochay Term Expiration Date: 10/13/2025
  • Sydney Kay Term Expiration Date: 06/08/2026


Ruling Statute

WOS 2012-011 Child Welfare Commission Repeals and Replaces 2009-013

2006-007 Commissions, Boards, & Committees