Environmental Services

Drier Road


The Drier Rd. property includes wet sedge meadows, flooded riparian zones, and a forest swamp. Beaver activity on Van Creek creates marshy habitat which is home to bears and deer. The Tribe’s fish hatchery is located on an upload portion of the property, south of the creek. Most of the property north of the creek is flat forested wetland.


It was most recently assessed in 2015, earning a Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA) score of 45.8 (good) and a Coefficient of Conservatism of 3.9. The Coefficient of Conservatism is based on range of habitat preference(s) and tolerance to disturbance. A higher coefficient means the plants are pickier about where they choose to live, meaning the site is more pristine. A lower coefficient is indicative of non-native or invasive species, which often grow in disturbed sites.