Environmental Services

Collins Creek


Description and Background

Collins Creek is a 3-mile-long tributary flowing into the east side of Spirit Lake. This cold water creek is spring-fed and is fairly undisturbed by human impact. A majority of this creek is located on a private land while about a quarter of the total length of the creek is located on State of Michigan land. Monitoring began on Collins Creek in 2012. The owner of the land base that Collins Creek runs through provided a field tour of the land and identified potential site locations for monitoring. The land owner spoke of past large populations of brook trout in the creek. There may still be brook trout however, the land owner does not fish the creek as often as he used to. The purpose of adding this site was to have baseline data for waters part of Spirit Lake’s watershed basin as Spirit Lake is culturally significant to LTBB and its Citizens.



Tribal Uses and Attainment

The primary use for Collins Creek is IAW. Other Tribal uses applied are CF and PSC. All uses were supported during the 2014 monitoring season.