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Do you have college students coming home this week for the holiday?

We have scheduled a Vaccine Clinic for Monday, 12/20/21 to give them an opportunity to get their booster before heading back to school in January! We will schedule anyone who would like a booster, but will give priority to our college students who are home for a short period of time. Elders will receive priority also.

This will be our final Vaccine Clinic for 2021. More will be scheduled in January 2022.

From: Leroy Shomin, Tribal Council Treasurer
Date: 12-08-2021
Re: Living Wage for January 1, 2022

Per Tribal Resolution #102619-05 Promotion of a Living Wage, the calculations for the Living Wage are as follows:
According to for 2021, Fair Market Rent for a two-bedroom
apartment in Emmet County...

The Executive townhall zoom meeting for December is tomorrow Wednesday, December 8, 2021 beginning at 10:00 AM
Topics: COVID-19 Update, Tribal Court-Appellate Court, & Language Aankwadong

• Opening remarks by Chair-Regina Gasco-Bentley
• COVID-19 Update: Phil Harmon
• Tribal Court-Appellate Court: Justice Sean Cahill
• Language Aankwadong – Program Staff
• Q&A

Due to the continued COVID-19 case level in our area, Phase 2.5 (Attached) and all the current safety precautions that have been put in place is now extended to Saturday, January 16, 2022.  Employees must follow Phase 2.5 and the following extra safety precautions that were administered on November 11, 2021:

Aanii Kina Gwaya,

As we approach the holiday season and gather with our families the LTBB Odawa Health Clinic would like to encourage everyone to gather as safely as possible given the rise in COVID-19 cases in Northern Michigan and our Tribe. Vaccinations are our number one tool to help fight this virus and to protect ourselves, our families, and our Odawa Tribe. This is followed by layered prevention. It is encouraged that we practice the Nswi Ws: Wear a mask, even indoors with family gathering, Wash hands before and after eating, and Watch our distance. If anyone is sick, please stay home to rest and heal, and see if a family member can bring you a plate of food. Consider Zoom/Facetime as a means to meet in a safe way.

We continue to see an uptick in COVID-19 cases in the tribal community and the community at large.  In order to provide the safest workplace environment possible while also providing services to our community we are going to scale back our “in-person” staffing in the buildings for the next two weeks.  We are also hoping the scale back will help with decreasing the chances of spreading the virus among staff and the community after our Thanksgiving holiday gatherings.  We will continue to stay in Phase 2.5 of the Reopening Plan.

In accordance with policy, the following shall be posted for 24-hours…

Reason for Phone Poll #1: Motion to recommend to Tribal Council to approve CERTIFIED MOTION Request for Funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, GLRI Great Lakes Basin Coregonine Restoration Projects FY 2022.
Motion 111821-01 BIA GLRI

Reason for Phone Poll #2: Motion to recommend to Tribal Council to approve CERTIFIED MOTION Request for Funding from The Nature Conservancy, “Kiyi Restoration Analysis” Project.
Motion 111821-02 The Nature Conservancy Kiyi Restoration Project

Aanii Odawak, Anishinaabek! COVID-19 booster vaccines have been available now for the past 2 weeks for adults ages 18 years and older. What an opportunity for our people to keep us all safe from COVID-19. Our LTBB Odawa Health Department is prioritizing booster shots for our elders, those with health conditions that place them at higher risks, and front line workers first.  Please be patient as we work through these lists.