COVID-19 Update for Gov’t Operations

Currently we are experiencing increased COVID-19 cases in our region, county, and tribal community.  In order to try to help decrease the chances of spreading COVID-19 within government operations and in our community, we are implementing the following safety precautionary measures within government operations:

  • Masks to be worn inside buildings.
    • Guests at all times
    • Employees will wear masks while indoors at any LTBB building, regardless of vaccine status, except when the employee works in a solo office space and is alone in their office space.  Disposable masks (Surgical & KN-95’s) are the allowable masks at this time.  Disposable masks are to be discarded after being used for one day.  Masks will be provided by LTBB and will be placed by the entrances at each building for use. Please contact Safety Coordinator/Emergency Manager-Sue Gasco if you are in need of disposable masks.  Employees with special needs should contact the Human Resources Department.  A medical accommodation may be granted.
  • Schedule virtual meetings or phone conferences instead of in-person meetings when possible
  • Limit congregation in office suites and offices when possible
  • Follow the 3 W’s (Wear a Mask, Watch Your Distance, and Wash Your Hands)
  • These changes do not apply to the Health Department.  Health staff will be contacted by your program manager for any changes in operations.


These safety measures will begin Tuesday, May 17, 2022 and end Thursday, June 16, 2022.  Again, these safety measures are to help decrease the chances of spreading COVID-19 within government operations and the community.  It is extremely important that we all do our part and adhere to any and all workplace safety measures within operations.  The Emergency Management Team (EMT) will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and notify you all of any changes in workplace operations.  These are the only changes in the workplace at this time.  We are hoping this increase of COVID-19 is just a speed bump on the road to the end of the pandemic.