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List Of Resources Available At LTBB Tribal Court

  • Pranis, K., Stuart, B., and Wedge, M. (2003). Peacemaking Circles: From Crime to Community. St. Paul , Minnesota : Living Justice Press.
  • Ross, R. (1996). Returning to the Teachings: Exploring Aboriginal Justice. Toronto , Ontario : Penguin Group.
  • Muskrat Dam First Nation (1994). Anishinaabe Justice in Muskrat Dam. Waterloo , Ontario : Fund for Dispute Resolution.
  • Price, R. and Dunnigan, C. (1995). Toward an Understanding of Aboriginal Peacemaking. Victoria , British Columbia : UVic Institute for Dispute Resolution.
  • Hollow Water (video - 44 minutes) National Film Board of Canada, 2000
  • Circles (video - 58 minutes) National Film Board of Canada, 1997
  • Native Justice (rough cut video – 36 minutes) Garden River First Nation Justice Program, ca. 1996

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