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Anishinabe Justice and Peacemaking Traditions

Compiled by LTBB Court Development Specialist Dave Keller



Wenona Singel (Reviving Odawa Traditional Justice in the Little Traverse Bay Bands Community: Some Preliminary Thoughts for Discussion)



Andrew J Blackbird (History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan)


J. Clifton, G. Cornell, J. McClurken (People of the Three Fires: The Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Ojibway of Michigan)


The Fund for Dispute Resolution (Anishinaabe Justice in Muskrat Dam—A Study of Past and Present Practices)


Melissa Pflug (Ritual and Myth in Odawa Revitalization)


James M. McClurken (Gah-Baeh-Jhagwah-Buk—The Way It Happened)


Rupert Ross (Returning to the Teachings—Exploring Aboriginal Justice)


Christie Jefferson (Conquest by Law)


Rev. Stewart Folster (Ojibway Rituals and Symbols)