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Adoption Report Required to Establish a New Michigan Birth Record - Updated 12/13/18
Advice of Rights After Consent of Adoption Modifying Parental Rights (Adoption Code)
Application to Correct or Change a Michigan Birth Record - Updated 12/13/18
Consent of Adoption by Parent
Consent to Adoption by Agency-Court-Commission
Final Order Allowing Fees and Costs
Order Modifying Parental Rights After Release or Consent
Order of Open Adoption
Order Placing Child After Consent
Parental Rights Defined
Petition for Adoption form
Petitioner's Verified Accounting
Statement of Services Performed by Agency
Statement to Accompany Parents Consent in Direct Placement


Petition to Appeal

Child Custody and Support

Petition for Custody and Child Support     
Child Custody Jurisdiction Affidavit
Request of Financial Information Form


Civil Complaint Form
Civil Summons Form


Petition for Simple Dissolution of Marriage (no children)
Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (with children)

Foreign Judgment Enforcement

Foreign Court Judgment Packet - Updated 08/06/18


Garnishment Packet


Annual Report of Guardian on Condition of Incapacitated Adult
Annual Report of Guardian on Condition of a Minor
Petition for Appointment of Guardian of an Incapacitated Adult
Petition for Financial Guardianship


Petition for Administration of Estate or Probate of Will

Personal Protection Order

Domestic Petition for a Personal Protection Order
Non-Domestic Petition for a Personal Protection Order

Other Court Forms

Affidavit and Order for Suspension of Fees and Costs
Blank Affidavit Form
Blank Certificate of Service Form
Blank Motion Hearing Form
Blank Subpoena Form
Court File Copy Request Form
Judicial Misconduct Complaint Form
Membership Appeal Form
Petition to Change Name
Qualifications to Practice