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Civil Court Cases
C-006-0398 Deckrow v. LTBB
C-013-1198 Shananaquet v. LTBB
C-014-1298 Holland v. King
C-015-0499 Oldman et al. v. Anthony et al.
C-016-0499 Laughlin v. Anthony et al.
C-017-0599 Naganashe v. LTBB Election Board
C-018-0300 Yellowbank v. Chingwa et al.
C-019-0500 Mulholland v. Wanshon et al.
C-020-0900 McFall v. Shananaquet
C-021-1100 Harrington v. LTBB Tribal Council
C-022-1200 Lonchar v. Victories Casino
C-023-1200 Harrington v. LTBB Tribal Council et al.
C-024-0101 Harrington v. LTBB Tribal Council et al.
C-025-0101 McFall v. Victories Casino
C-028-0101 LTBB Tribal Council v. La Croix
C-029-0301 Perry et al. v. Harrington
C-030-0401 Gould v. Hadley et al.
C-034-1201 Harrington v. Claramunt
C-035-0902 LTBB v. Harrington & Odawa Contracting
C-038-0103 Harrington v. Chingwa
C-040-0403 Rodriguez v. Chingwa et al.
C-041-0503 Stich v. LTBB Election Board
C-043-0803 Heritage Interiors v. G.P. Graham Construction Corp.
C-047-1003 LaCroix v. Colby
C-048-1003 Geyer v. LTBB
C-052-0404 Lamoureux v. Victories Casino
C-053-0504 Booth v. Biro
C-054-0904 LTBB v. Matrious
C-055-0904 Bunnell v. LTBB Gaming Regulatory Commission et al.
C-056-1004 Sandell v. LTBB Gaming Regulatory Commission
C-058-0405 Cepeda v. Warehouse Mulholland
C-061-0805 Kawegoma v. LTBB Election Board
C-062-1005 Carey v. Espinosa & Eckholm
C-063-1105 In the matter of Michael J. Bugaj
C-064-0306 Rienhart v. Sineway
C-065-0306 In the matter of Elizabeth June Rogers
C-066-0606 Petoskey v. Bentley
C-067-1106 Petoskey v. Bentley
C-069-0707 LaCroix v. Milligan et al.
C-071-0908 In the matter of Mary Alice Perez v. LTBB Enrollment
C-073-0609 Reick v. Reick
C-074-0709 Atkinson v. Atkinson
C-075-0110 LTBB Tribal Court v. Boda
C-075-0809 Rowland v. Wisniewski
C-076-0110 LTBB Tribal Court v. Gasco
C-077-0110 LTBB Tribal Court v. Hinmon
C-078-0110 LTBB Tribal Court v. Covey
C-078-0110 LTBB Tribal Court v. Holland
C-079-0110 LTBB Tribal Court v. Worthington
C-082-0310 Willis v. Willis
C-086-0310 Harrington v. LTBB Election Board
C-087-0510 Brill v. Brill
C-088-0710 Lambert v. LTBB
C-089-0710 Grosse v. Odawa Casino Resort
C-090-0810 Juntunen v. LTBB Gaming Board of Directors & Odawa Casino Resort
C-091-0810 LTBB v. Gold Shield Shuttle Service and Derrick Knox
C-092-0910 Kline v. Odawa Resort
C-093-0910 Dominic v. Exelby
C-094-1110 Medina v. Medina
C-095-1110 Mulholland v. LTBB Trust Fund Board
C-097-1210 Reick v. Reick
C-098-1210 Harrington v. LTBB Tribal Councilors Belinda Bardwell et al.
C-099-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Babcock
C-100-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Carroll
C-101-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Chingwa
C-103-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Cutler
C-104-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Givens
C-105-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Greensky
C-106-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Hinmon
C-108-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Kewaygeshik
C-109-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Laughlin
C-110-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Leist
C-111-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Loranger
C-112-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Roberts
C-114-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Skippergosh
C-115-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Stead
C-116-0211 LTBB Tribal Court v. Walker
C-117-0211 Cutler v. Dzingle et al.
C-118-0211 Cutler v. Field et al.
C-119-0311 McNamara v. LTBB Election Board
C-120-0411 Kenneth Harrington V. Tribal Councilors
C-122-0311 Harrington v. LTBB Tribal Councilors Bardwell et al.
C-123-0611 Kishigo-Lesky v. Harrington et al.
C-124-0711 Wemigwase v. LTBB
C-126-0711 Northern Shores Loan Fund, Inc. v. Harbor Wear of Boyne, Inc.
C-129-0811 Harrington v. LTBB Election Board
C-131-0911 Young v. Young
C-132-0911 Skippergosh v. Searles
C-133-0911 In the matter of Jesse James King
C-134-1011 Harrington v. LTBB Election Board
C-135-1011 Katherine D. Shomin v. Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
C-136-1011 Blanz v. Odawa Casino Resort
C-137-1111 Anderson v. Odawa Casino Resort
C-138-1111 Wemingwase v. LTBB et al
C-140-0112 Nightlinger v. Nightlinger
C-141-0212 (2)
C-142-0312 Steingold v. LTBB Human Resources Department et al.
C-145-0612 Zerbe v. Zerbe
C-146-0612 In the matter of Agnes Lucy Washe
C-152-1112 Still v. Odawa Casino Resort
C-153-1112 Chartier v. Chartier
C-156-0313 Order of Simple Dissolution of Marriage- Kelly v. Kelly
C-157-0613 Naganashe v. Naganashe
C-158-0713 Order Following Show Cause2- Chingwa v. LTBB Election Board
C-165-0713 LTBB Tribal Court v. Wabinimkee-Willis
C-165-0713 Order Closing Case File- LTBB v. Wabanimkee-Willis
C-166-0713-Order Closing Case File- LTBB v. Kiogima
C-167-0713- Order Closing Case File- LTBB v. Proctor
C-168-0713 Order Closing Case File- LTBB v. Stead
C-169-0713 Order Closing Case File- LTBB v. Keshik
C-183-0713 Order Closing Case File- LTBB v. Martell
C-184-0713 Order Closing Case File- LTBB v. Kolinske
C-185-0713- LTBB v. S. Garrett Beck (Order Denying Respondent’s Motions for Relief and Reconsideration)
C-185-0713 People of the LTBB of Odawa Indians v. S. Garrett Beck Opinion and Order Granting LTBB Request for Relief on S. Garrett Beck Citation for Contempt
C-186-0813 Order of Dissolution of Marriage- Cojo v. Cojo
C-195-0114 In Re Crampton Children
C-199-0514 Compo v. LTBB Chair et al
C-200-0914-Order of Dismissal- La Croix, et al v. Rick Snyder, et al
C-200-0914 Timothy LaCroix, et al vs. Rick Snyder, Governor Michigan, et al. Order of Dismissal for Lack of Personal and Subject Matter Jurisdiction
C-204-1014 Fred Kiogima, Tribal Chairman, and Debbie DeLeon v. LTBB Election Board
C-205-1214 Order Granting Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff's Complaint for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction
C-205-1214-Fred Kiogima & Debbie DeLeon v. LTBB Election Board-Order of Dismissal
C-206-0115 Kathryn McGraw v. Albert Colby, Jr. (Order Granting Defendant’s Motion for Summary Disposition)
C-208-0515 Gokee et al v. LTBB Election Board et al
C-209-0715-LTBB Council & LTBB Chair v. LTBB Election Board (Order Granting Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Disposition)
C-210-0815 Jessica J. Duynslager v. LTBB of Odawa Indians DBA Odawa Casino Resort - Order Granting Motion for Summary Disposition
C-211-0815 Judith Kuebler v. Odawa Casino Resort (1)
C-211-0815 Judith Kuebler v. Odawa Casino Resort (2)
C-211-0815 Judith Kuebler v. Odawa Casino Resort (3)
C-215-1215 LTBB Housing Dept. v. Linda Kaye Rowland - Order to Dismiss
C-216-1215 Aaron Anamekwan Wemigwase v. Vince Cook, LTBB Gaming Regulatory Director & Andrea Cowles, LTBB Gaming Regulatory Licensing Manager - Opinion and Order
C-120-0411 Kenneth Harrington V. Tribal Councilors
C-221-0416 Michael L. Lyons vs. Ann T. Holland Opinion Decision and Order on Defendants Motion for Summary Disposition-Dismissal
C-223-0716 Joyce C. Munson vs. LouAnn Angel Bernard - Order Dismissing Civil Complaint
C-226-0517 Tamela Okuly-Shananaquet vs. LTBB Election Board -Opinion after Order on Challenge to LTBB of Odawa Indians Tribal Primary Election
C-229-0318 Julie A. Shananaquet, in her individual capacity v. LTBB of Odawa Indians Gaming Enterprise Brd, Denise Petoskey, in her official capacity, Billi Jo Head, in her official capacity, and Marvin Mulholland, in his official capacity
GRL-002-1206 Barry Milligan v LTBB Gaming Regulatory Commission
GRL-003-1206 Dearstine V LTBB Gaming Regulatory Commission Order Dismissing Case 5-17-07
HB-000-0601 In the matter of Removal Petition filed against Tribal Chairperson Gerald V. Chingwa
LT-003-1207 Opinion and Order LTBB Housing Department v Floyd Harrington Sr
SG Beck Opinions FC-233-0812 Order Denying Foreign Court Judgement
SG Beck Opinions FC-233-0812 Order Denying Objection
PPO-045-1215 Decision and Order - Jannan Joyce Cornstalk v. Timothy L. Thomas