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Current Policies

All repealed Policies can be found in the legislative office.

Appointment for a Vacant Seat on Tribal Council-approved 01-13-18

Capital Project Policy - approved 05/07/06

Cellular Equipment and Service Plan Policy-approved 02/19/10

Citizens Portal Comment Policy - approved  09/22/13

Citizens Requesting Tribal Council, Commissions, Committee and Boards Recorded Minutes of Meetings Policy - approved 07/22/07

Commissions, Boards and Committees revised Amended policy - approved 10/19/03

Contracting Policy - Approved 02/19/06 ( See Contracting Statute 2013-007)

Corporate Charter Assignment Policy - approved 02/02/17

COVID-19 Emergency Disaster Relief Payment Program Policy approved 052120

Elders Housekeeping policy approved 12/04/05

Elders Snowplowing policy - approved 12/04/05

Emergency Assistance Policy POL-ADM 121811-001

Ethics Committee Policy and Procedures-approved on 03-09-17

Executive Branch Employee Handbook Effective 070404 approved by Council 060604 Amended by Exec Directive 26-11052012-01

Final Selection of Auditors Policy - approved 08/15/17

Gaming Enterprise Board Appointment Policy-approved 02/18/16

Gaming Regulatory Employee Handbook - approved 03/06/15

Grant Donation or Other Funding Policy-approved 01/09/2020

Health Department Policies - approved 12/07/08

Hotline Policy

Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Policy POL-WOS 2006-003 010712-001

Judicial Prosecutorial Appointments Policy POL-WOS 2006-003-071019-002-approved 071119

Legislative Branch Budget Process Policy and Procedure approved 020416

Legislative Branch Cellular Equipment and Service Plan Policy - approved 12/19/10

Legislative Branch Employee Personnel Policies Handbook-approved 11/09/17

Legislative Branch Hiring of Specific Individuals Policy and Procedures-approved 011917

Legislative Branch Policy and Procedure-AO.pdf

Legislative Branch Travel Reimbursement Policy 040718

Legislative Office Utilization of Community Service Workers

LTBB Covid 19 Protocols 031320 final

Management of Capital Project Funds Policy approved-TR 050706-09

Policies and Procedures Policy-approved 02/02/03

Policy for Payment to Minors for Revenue Allocation Plan-approved 03/29/09

Procedures Auth-Pre-Const Capital Project Funds

Procedures for Appointment for Vacancy to Tribal Council

Public Comment Policy passed-061815

Policy Procedure Hiring Specific Individuals Legislative Office-approved 011917

Policy and Procedures for Selection of Board Members and Other Sub-Entities-Approved 082318

Policy and Procedures Rescheduleing TC MTG in event of an Emergency Closure-approved 031417

Registered Agent PASSED 062611

Request for Removal of Prosecutor Policy and Procedures -approved 10/08/12

Resolution Usage Policy -approved 07/10/11

Response to Citizen's Inquiry Policy-passed 082417

Sex Offender Registration and Notification POL-ADM WOS 2012-008 012716-005

Short Term Investment Policy 012317

Short Term Investment Policy 012317

TC Amended Meeting Procedure Policy-approved 062520

TC Meeting Policy-Procedures for Recording, Storage and Posting

Temporary Amendment to the Grant, Donation, or Other Funding Policy for COVID-19 Waiver of Approval Requirement-061120

Travel Report Policy-approved 01/09/05

Tribal Council and its Committees Public Hearing Policy for General Rules of Conduct -approved 01/08/12

Tribal Council Committees Meeting Policy and Procedures for Electronic Participation-approve 10/21/12

Tribal Council Committees Mtg Policy and Procedure for Electronic Participation Conditions-approved 031220

Tribal Council Meeting Policy and Procedures for Electronic Open Meetings approved 052120

Tribal Council Meeting Procedures-approved 11/20/11

Tribal Council Phone Poll Policy-approved 05/06/12

Tribal Council Standing Committees Meeting Policy and Procedure-approved 02/03/08

Tribal Councl and Ethics Committee Hearing Policy-02/19/15

Tribal Council Hearing Procedures-approved 03/22/09

Tribal Council Officer Elections-Approved 07/21/13

Tribal Government Short Term Investment Policy-approved 08/19/16

Tribal Government Travel Policy (not-Legislative Branch-approved 12/23/03

Tribal Government Audit Deadline Policy-approve 03/20/11

Tribal Policy for Citizens Requesting Tribal Council, Commissions, Boards and Committees Recorded Minutes of Meetings

Tribal Council Policy and Procedures to Appoint Members and Fill a Vacancy on a Tribal Council Standing Committee-approved 01/19/17

Tribal Council Phone Poll Policy-approved 091318

Tribally Chartered Corporations Distribution Policy and Procedures-approved 012320

Ziibimijwang Allowable Cost Policy-passed by Tribal Council 082114



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