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Meet The KAP Trainers Team

  • Maryann Endanawas, Project Instructor & Fluent Speaker, Teaches language acquisition, structure and grammar, teacher-education, and curriculum development.
  • Carla Osawamick, Project Director, Administration, Assists teaching language, teacher education, professional development, curriculum design.
  • Cheyenne Kiogima, Project Assistant, Administration and support.
  • Netawn Kiogima, GALD Language & High School Teacher, Teaches Teacher Education, Professional Development, Curriculum Design.

Additional Trainers of Teacher Education, Professional Development and Curriculum Design, from LTBB Niigaandwin Education Department, contributing partner:

  • Dorothy Perry, Academic Services Coordinator
  • Jannan Cotto, Director
  • Amanda Weinert, Curriculum Specialist
  • Allison Simon, (LTBB Grants Writer) previous Curriculum Specialist

Meet the KAP Teacher Trainees
Gwanda shkikinoomaagejik aawiwok. These ones here are the new teachers.

Aanii kina gwaya. Wasson ndazhinikaanigoo, ndozhaaganaashii noozwin Renee Dillard. Wagaanaksing ndodabindaagwaz. Owaashtinoong odenaang ngiibindaadiz. LTBB shkwaaniganing wiigwaaman ndidaa. Nwiidigemaagan mba. Bezhik niijaanis ndowaa, Ezaak zhinkaaza ngwis. Kokobinaaganak miinwaa pshkimdenhsan niibinaa ndazhitoonan. Ngichinendam aagwetaani kinoomaagiziyaanh gnaajiwaang gichitwaa Anishinaabemowin.

Hello everyone. I am called Wasson, in English my name is Renee Dillard. I belong with the LTBB Tribe. I was born in Grand Rapids. I live at reservation housing. I am a widow. I have one child, my sons name is Isaac. I make lots of baskets and woven bags. I am very much happy to learn our beautiful sacred Language.

Aanii! Niin Raymond Shenoskey, miinwaa Ntam-Mko ndizhinikaazh. Odawa-‘Nishinaabe ndaaw. Noongom nda-kinoomaago ‘Nishnaabemowin, mii sa KAP Waakinomaagejik enji-zhinkaadek nokiiyaanh. “Hello! I am Raymond Shenoskey Jr. and my Anishinaabe name is “First Bear”. I am an Odawa Anishinaabe. I am learning Anishinaabemowin, and I am learning through the program called KAP Waakinomaagejik.”

I am from this area and I currently live in Bay Shore. I recently graduated from North Central Michigan College with Associates of Arts and will transfer to Central Michigan University Fall 2017, to become a high school teacher, teaching Anishinaabemowin as well as math and science while still attending KAP. I have worked many years for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe with youth and several other opportunities – I enjoy working with the youth.

I am a powwow and round dance singer. I have traveled from Los Angeles, California to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina and still feel like I need to keep on traveling and exploring. Singing is one of my passions. I am also a grass dancer, chicken dancer and hoop dancer. I enjoy dancing, and like many, I design and create my own dance-outfit and beadwork.

My intention for this program is to become as proficient as I can in Anishinaabemowin. I believe we can save this language and revitalize it with this program. It is important that we keep that connection with those ones that were






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