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Environmental Services Program

  Energy Sustainability

These days, you hear a lot of terms like energy security, sustainability, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, etc. But what does it all mean? And more specifically, what does it mean my life or my kids’ lives? Through this program area, LTBB Environmental Services Staff are working to provide you with the information you need to better understand and make these decisions. To us, Energy Sustainability is meeting the energy needs of LTBB now, without compromising the ability of the next seven generations to meet their own needs. How do we do this? There are two main ways – reducing what we use or generate now (energy conservation) and seeking out cleaner and more sustainable energy sources (renewable energy).

We know that recycling helps reduce waste overall, keeps waste out of our waterways, and saves our natural resources, but what does solid waste and recycling have to do with energy? The goods we use and the materials they are made of require energy to produce and transport. Recycling or using recycled materials requires less consumption of scarce fossil fuels and fewer emissions of numerous air and water pollutants. Also, it takes less energy to make things out of recycled materials versus new, raw materials – saving energy and costs in the manufacturing process.

In 2005, Tribal Council unanimously passed Resolution 051505-01 for Adoption of Kyoto Protocol and Renewable Energy Standards. This resolution committed LTBB to working toward obtaining 25% of our total energy from renewable energy sources by 2020. Since this goal affects everyone at LTBB, NRD-ESP staff work through the Energy Advisory Team (EAT) on all projects. The EAT, consisting of several LTBB Departments and the Tribal Administrator, meets on a quarterly basis. See the sections below for more information on current activities.



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