LTBB COVID-19 Pandemic Response Gov’t Operations CHANGES

We continue to see an uptick in COVID-19 cases in the tribal community and the community at large.  In order to provide the safest workplace environment possible while also providing services to our community we are going to scale back our “in-person” staffing in the buildings for the next two weeks.  We are also hoping the scale back will help with decreasing the chances of spreading the virus among staff and the community after our Thanksgiving holiday gatherings.  We will continue to stay in Phase 2.5 of the Reopening Plan.

The following changes have been made beginning Tuesday, November 23rd and ending Sunday, December 5th:

  • Departments and programs are to have minimum in-person staffing in the buildings.
  • Offices must continue to be covered.
  • Work productivity will be monitored and reported on by Directors.  It is extremely important that productivity continue.
  • Office Phones:  Please ensure office phones are forwarded to ensure all calls are answered in a timely manner.
  • Workplace safety MUST be adhered too within the buildings in order to maintain the safest work environment as possible.  This means all staff in the offices continue to social distance, wear your mask, sanitize and wash hands throughout the day, wipe down door knobs and workplaces, etc…  As usual, any employee in the offices not adhering to the necessary safety precautions will be subject to employee discipline.
  • These changes do not apply to the Health Department.  Health staff please contact your program manager for any changes in operations.


Beginning Monday, December 6th, we will go back to our current office schedules.  Again, it is our goal to continue to provide the safest workplace environment possible for our employees and to keep our community safe while continuing to provide services to the community.