LTBB Health Department Update:

Due to an outbreak of COVID within the Health Department, services must be limited at this time in order to protect our clients and our employees.

Effective dates:  Wednesday, 10/6/21 – Friday, 10/15/21

Clinic services:  Vaccines and COVID testing will continue.  Urgent Care clients will be triaged and assessed on a case by case basis by providers.  Routine care will be suspended during this time.

Dental services:  Services will continue; testing of each patient before the appointment begins.

Behavioral Health services:  Services will be provided via telehealth.  Exceptions determined on case by case basis.

PRC:  Services provided electronically and via telephone whenever possible.  Front door screener will carry documents to PRC window if necessary.

Community Health:  Transportation clients will be prescreened for symptoms and managed on a case by case basis.  Home visits will be limited.

The Pharmacy will continue to fill prescriptions and our Front Door Screener will deliver your prescriptions to the front door of the Health Department.

We are receiving a high volume of phone calls; please be patient and know we are listening to voicemails and responding, but it will take time due to the volume of calls being received.  Miigwetch for your patience and understanding.

COVID is present and spreading in our Tribal Community; please be safe and follow the three W’s:  Wear a mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance!