Diabetes Prevention Program

The staff in Community Health are very excited as we are ready to launch our very own DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program) as part of our Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country grant award.  We are looking for our first class and we will only be accepting 12 participants.  Due to COVID, this class will be offered as a VIRTUAL program using Zoom.

What puts you at risk for Type 2 diabetes?   If you are interested in finding out, attached is a Prediabetes Risk Test.  Go ahead and take it to find out which risk factors are common, how high your risk is, and to see which risk factors you can do something about.

Sarah Cameron, RN, Marlene Gasco, Community Wellness Advocate and Charla Gordon, RD, will be our instructors for this class.  They will make sure that you have the items that you need to make attending this program both educational and fun.

Are you interested in attending, or finding out more information before you commit?   There will be an Introductory Information session offered very soon.

If you are unsure about the equipment needed to attend the classes or have any concerns about attending a virtual Zoom class, please join us at the Introductory Information session, or call Community Health to talk with Ange, Charla or Sarah.

Register now for the Introductory Information session by emailing Charla at CGordon@LTBBOdawa-nsn.gov.