LTBB COVID-19 Vaccine Update:

As of today, LTBB has vaccinated 909 people with at least their primary dose of the COVID-19 vaccine!
As a result of the approval of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine, LTBB expects to receive a large increase in the amount of vaccines to administer. Our philosophy is that the more people that are vaccinated, the better protected our Tribal Community will be!
Most importantly, throughout our vaccine process, Native Americans, descendants, and our Tribal Community will always be prioritized for vaccines.
As we move forward, as increased number of vaccines continue to arrive at LTBB, here is our vaccine outreach plan:
  1. LTBB Vaccine Clinic in Petoskey will continue to schedule from our current list of Tribal Community members who want the vaccine. Currently, there are around 200 people on that list. As Tribal Community members call the COVID-10 Vaccine Information Line or email, they will be added to the list and prioritized over other people wanting the vaccine. This email and phone line are monitored daily, and names are added to the scheduling list.
  2. A Vaccine Clinic will be scheduled in Lansing, MI, to vaccinate LTBB Tribal Citizens, other Native Americans, descendants, and household members of these people, if we find there is enough interest from our downstate community. The date for this clinic has not been set and plans are just beginning for this.
  3. In northern MI, the vaccine will be offered to service industry employees, as this group of people has been putting themselves at risk throughout the pandemic, and they are not currently able to get the vaccine through other channels. As our LTBB enterprises are part of the service industry, we understand the importance of protecting those employees. Our Tribal Community members interact with service industry employees regularly, for example, buying groceries or getting gas. Vaccinating this sector will not only benefit those people but will also offer further protection for our Tribal Community.
To get on the LTBB Vaccine List, please email, or call the CVIL at 231-242-1780.